Buffer Base

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Buffer Base Plywood base only

Plywood base only

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Buffer Base Hardware set

Hardware set

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Buffer Base

About This Item

Sturdy platform for securely mounting and aligning the StewMac Guitar Buffer and motor.

This heavy-duty platform is made of sturdy 1-1/2" thick plywood (38mm), and is drilled and counterbored for accurate buffer and motor alignment. Mount it to our versatile ShopStand, or to your own bench or stand.

Dimensions: 11-3/4" x 20" (29.85cm x 50.8cm)

The hardware kit (sold separately) is all the nuts and bolts needed to mount the StewMac Guitar Buffer and motor to the Buffer Base, as well as mounting the Base to the ShopStand. It contains 12 bolts, 8 nuts, and 20 washers.

The hardware kit is also handy if you want to build your base, using this free plan.


Product Instructions

Buffer Base Plan

Instructions for building a wood platform to securely mount the buffing arbor and motor onto a bench or stand.

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Buffer base


Verified Buyer

Buffer base is ideal for the layout to build your own guitar buffer. I have 3 guitar kits ready for this stage of the build and am looking forward to seeing the finish after buffing is complete.


how much is your time worth to you?


Verified Buyer

Normally I would not think that a piece of plywood with some holes in it and some nuts and bolts is worth $55, but in this case, it was. some things i just don't want to spend my time doing, and cutting plywood is one of them! I sold my old 1750 RPM buffer to get the stewmac one that runs slower; i bought the "complete kit" but for some reason, they don't consider this to be a part of the complete kit, so i had to order it separately, which is not a big deal. it showed up and it made completing the kit into a functional tool effortless. all the nuts and bolts are there, and if you buy their motor, all the holes line up. it was one of those purchases i made to save me time and hassle. the plywood and hardware is not worth $50 in cost, nowhere near it. this is maybe $10 worth of goods, but the time you'd save is where the value is.


Holes lack alignment with StewMac stand and arbor assembly


Verified Buyer

I bought this base, the StewMac stand and Buffer with accessories. Over $900. My expectations were for the nice fit described in the bpvideos by Dan. For any price, I would expect that the hoes would align between the stand and the, base, as well as the base and the arbor assembly. THEY DON'T. What a mess that I had to take the time to re-fit these items, open holes, re-seat and enlarge hole slots and countersinks. And add larger washers. I expected much more. Fortunately, it looks and works well after I put it together.

Response from StewMac

We are sorry to hear you had trouble with the allignment on this and had to open up the holes. We appreciate you letting us know and we will address the issues on our end and inform our Product Development Team of this so they can correct any issues with this series of products. We appreciate your feedback and let us know if we can be of further assistance.

-Spencer, Customer Support


Great stabilizer !


Verified Buyer

I have an older Stew-Mac buffer,so it required some modifications,which I easily did and it works great!


excellant base !


Verified Buyer

I got this base for the stew mac buffer ,works perfectly .I coated it with a matt waterbased ploy urethane for easy clean up.

StewMac PDF Catalog, page 42See Buffer Base
on page 42 of our StewMac Digital Catalog