Fiddle Kit

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Fiddle Kit

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Fiddle Kit

About This Item

Take pride in making your own violin. Ease of assembly and an outstanding price make this one of our most popular kits.

You'll learn about instrument making, and have a lot of fun along the way! If you're a first-timer, this kit is a fine head start and a convenient alternative to building from scratch. Many guitarmakers tell us this kit gives them a fun break and a valuable learning experience, too.

All the parts to make a standard 4/4-size violin are included, for convenient one-step ordering. You won't need a fully equipped woodshop—hand tools will do, because the machine work has already been done for you. Complete easy-to-follow assembly instructions are included. Our fiddle kit is a fine head start for making your own violin.

When your Fiddle Kit arrives, the spruce top and curly maple back have been carved and sanded, and the back has been glued to the linings, blocks and curly maple ribs. Channels are already routed for easily installing the decorative purfling trim. The machine-shaped neck is ready for sanding and fitting to the instrument. Bass bar fitting, parts assembly, finishing and setup will complete a rewarding project. Sign your label with pride!

Also included:
Ebony fingerboard, nut and saddle, boxwood tailpiece with adjustable fastener, E-string adjuster, boxwood chinrest, endpin and tuning pegs, maple bridge, purflings, spruce bass bar, soundpost, and assembly instructions.

View our Fiddle kit instructions and our recommended tool list for building this kit.

Bow and strings sold separately.


Product Instructions

Fiddle Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the Fiddle Kit, including a recommended tool list.

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Absolutely excellent!

(Customer's Reviews)

This violin kit is a great product. Excellent materials, detailed instructions, overall quality at high level. The finishing I applied (resins-based and wax) simulates an antique violin. The sound is rich and powerful, the tuning is stable.
Last, but not the least, the customer care is superb. I hope to see in the future a viola kit.
Thank you Stewart-MacDonald!
Alessandro, Rome, Italy.


An enjoyable build

(Customer's Reviews)

I purchased this kit mainly on the good reviews it received and I must say that I agree with the previous reviewers. My only issues were that the purfling routing needed quite a cleanup in a couple of areas and that the purfling itself absorbed the glue and swelled rather quickly. I learned how to deal with this issue quickly and it soon became only a minor nuisance. I modeled my build after that of Hilmar Hansson (see his review below) but with a modification. I cut a partial mortise in the body and used the bolt-on-neck as Hilmard. My twist is that I used wooden shims to achieve the proper neck angle. It worked out perfectly.


Violin Kit

(Customer's Reviews)

I am happy with the purchase and quick delivery of my kitset violin. It is now assembled and I had no trouble gluing it together. I am up to finishing the carcass and find it very slow and frustrating. I am using shellac. I have found it impossible to purchase spirit stains locally. And, unsure what colour to purchase online as no colour swatches are offered. I am frustrated with the slow process to get a reasonable finish and had to strip it back once, then last night the front fell down onto newspaper so that I needed to sand it off which removed the colour off the top centre. Now would like a stain to bring it back. Shellac is fast drying e.g. 5 minutes but, don't re-coat for 4 hours. I tried to re-coat every hour then the atmosphere changed as it rained and this softened the shellac somewhat. I had planned to build a mandolin and next a guitar but put off due their expense and the need to purchase other parts for them not included in the price. In spite of being a violin player. I can't wait to play my kitset violin. Frustrated having to muck around while painting on shellac. In the end I don't want a shiny violin. No, I want a sweet playing violin.

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