StewMac Super Glue Starter Package

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StewMac Super Glue Starter Package

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StewMac Super Glue Starter Package

About This Item

SAVE money and speed your work by hours!
Instant glues you'll love for repair work, in a money-saving set.

Thin Super Glue, 1-ounce bottle
Medium Super Glue, 1-ounce bottle
Whip Tip nozzle extenders
Pipette applicators
Drop-fill Toothpicks

First choice in guitar repair shops. Stewart-MacDonald super glues feature incredible bonding strength for quick jig-making, repairs, fretting, binding, inlaying, finish touch-ups, nut slot rebuilding, and countless other tasks.

They'll speed your work by hours. With our Starter Package, you'll be ready for any repair situation that demands a fast permanent bond. Spend less time setting up clamps and waiting for other glues to dry!

1-ounce bottles are the practical size to minimize shelf life problems. Each bottle includes three Whip Tip nozzle extenders for spot-applying super glue precisely where you need it, with no mess.

Starter Package contents:

#10 Thin penetrates close-fitting wood joints and fingerboard cracks. It cures in 3-5 seconds, for a strong moisture-resistant joint. This water-thin instant glue is great for fast minor drop-fill repairs on guitar finishes, too.

#20 Medium is our general-purpose super glue. It's a bit thicker, to fill small imperfect joint gaps, and cures in 10-25 seconds.

Super Glue Accelerator makes bonding even faster! Spray immediately before or after gluing. Great for hard-to-glue materials, too.

Whip Tips An extra package of 10 flexible nozzle extenders for spot-applying super glue exactly where you need it.

Clear Plastic Pipettes in a package of 10, for precise glue application in tight areas.

Drop-fill Toothpicks flow super glue into fret slots and drop lacquer into finish chips. Box of 50.

Instructions with helpful tips for using Stewart-MacDonald Super Glues.

Warning! Super glues bond skin and eyes instantly. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Whip tip tips!

Whip tips are for pinpoint gluing. These are skinny little tube-tips, but sometimes you want them even skinnier. Elliot John-Conry of EJC Guitars squashes, cuts and modifies tips and pipettes to get drops of super glue and accelerator exactly where he wants them.


Product Instructions

Inside Story on Instant Adhesives

Dan Erlewine explains the ins and outs of working with instant adhesives and "super" glues.

Product Instructions

Stewart-MacDonald Super Glues

An explanation of the characteristics and applications of different instant adhesives.

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Whip tips!

(Customer's Reviews)

Wow. Having multiple consistencies of CA on hand is real nice. Using it with whip tips is fantastic! Add in a spritz of catalyst, and every problem begs for glue as a solution. In the short time I've had mine, I've glued everything from a pickguard crack, to my right hand fingernail, to adding a thin layer to protect a delicate edge during work in progress. Many more things are possible with this stuff on the shelf.


Amazing stuff

(Customer's Reviews)

I order this to repair a 335 copy with deep cracks in the poly at the neck joint. The SG worked perfectly, and I was able to polish it to an invisible repair.


tricky to use

(Customer's Reviews)

The accelerent is really not needed, but the glues are fantastic..still as aggravating as regular SG but the slow set o the thick gives you some leeway in positioning pieces

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