StewMac Super Glue GIVEAWAY Buy 3, Get 3 FREE


StewMac Super Glue GIVEAWAY Buy 3, Get 3 FREE

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StewMac Super Glue GIVEAWAY Buy 3, Get 3 FREE

About This Item

We're so sure you'll love our glues, we'll GIVE 'em to you to try!
This special set of 3 Tinted Super Glues includes 3 FREE bottles of our best-selling clear Super Glue—one of each viscosity.

Special offer ends January 23, 2017 at 4:00PM ET.

Premium glue made for lutherie.
Fresh formula ships to you fast!

"Such a multipurpose glue, and a must have for any luthier or novice shop!" —John from VA

"This is the one luthiers reach for constantly because it has so many uses. I use this StewMac CA with great confidence." —Bob from IL

Super Glue Sampler Set includes 6 full-size bottles:
Tinted White, 0.5 oz
Tinted Black, 1 oz
Tinted Amber, 1 oz
Free Clear 10 Thin, 1 oz
Free Clear 20 Medium, 1 oz
Free Clear 30 Thick, 1 oz

We include Piercing Cap and Whip Tips with every bottle. Whip Tips extend the nozzle with pin-point precision, letting you apply glue exactly where you want it.

Tinted Super Glues in guitar repair
Colored glues are ideal for touching up and repairing bindings, nuts, inlay and more. Medium viscosity for filling small gaps.

White: Ideal for blending in new bindings or nuts.
Black: Nearly invisible for black bindings and ebony repairs.
Amber: For vintage finish touchups, or repairs on old yellowed parts.

Clear Super Glues in repair, building and more
Formulated in 3 thicknesses, each valuable for specific repairs.

10 Thin: Low viscosity like water, so capillary action sucks it into tight places, ideal for fretwork.
20 Medium: Slightly thicker for general repairs like finish drop-fills, binding replacement and everyday use.
30 Thick: When you need the glue to stay right where you put it. Three small drops on the front of a nut is all you’ll need, it won’t run down into the slot.

WARNING: Super glue bond skin and eyes instantly. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Which super glue to use: thin, medium or thick?

Dan Erlewine uses photo examples to show when to choose thin, medium or thick super glue for instrument work.


Product Instructions

Stewart-MacDonald Super Glues

An explanation of the characteristics and applications of different instant adhesives.

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