StewMac Super Glue

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Speed your work by hours! Our super glues are first choice in guitar shops, thanks to fast, incredible bonding strength for repair work and instrument making.

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StewMac Super Glue 10 Thin, 1 oz.

10 Thin, 1 oz.

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StewMac Super Glue 20 Medium, 1 oz.

20 Medium, 1 oz.

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StewMac Super Glue 30 Thick, 1 oz.

30 Thick, 1 oz.

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Speed your work by hours! Our super glues are first choice in guitar shops, thanks to fast, incredible bonding strength for repair work and instrument making.

10 Thin penetrates close-fitting wood joints and fingerboard cracks. Water-thin, it's great for fast minor drop-fill repairs on guitar finishes, too. Cures in 3-5 seconds, for a strong moisture-resistant joint.

20 Medium is our general-purpose super glue. A bit thicker, best for small imperfect joint gaps. Cures in 10-25 seconds.

30 Thick has epoxy-like gap-filling consistency. Cures in 30-50 seconds to allow joint repositioning.

Be ready for any repair situation that demands a fast permanent bond. Spend less time setting up clamps and waiting for other glues to dry!

  • Jigs
  • Fretting
  • Binding
  • Inlays
  • Finish touch-ups
  • Nut slot repairs

Bonus: we include 3 Whip Tip nozzle extenders for precision gluing.

Each 1-ounce bottle is the practical size to minimize shelf life problems. To maximize shelf life, store super glues in a cool dry place.

Warning! Super glues bond skin and eyes instantly. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of the reach of children.

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StewMac Super Glue

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Trouble with the super glue

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, November 24, 2014

I bought a bottle of the 10 clear superglue a and a bottle of the 20 Black superglue about a year ago. The Black was for finish repair. My first issue was after filling small chip in the surface of a guitar with the black, it took about 3 days to fully harden on the surface of the guitar before I was able to scrape and wet sand. I used this product because it is supposed to be the fastest method to drop fill chips and scratches. What i thought would take three minutes took three days, I don't understand, it is super glue,what can I be doing wrong. The clear bottle of the thin was opened only recently and it simply does not work. That is why I am writing this review.

Used it all

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 11, 2014

After 20 years building guitars I had a first: I threw away a bottle of super glue because it was empty and not because it had setup in the container. From now on it is StewMac Super Glue for me.


By Joseph from Brick, NJ 
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 28, 2014

Yes, this stuff is very handy, and it even comes in various tones, including black and amber. I just wish somebody somewhere (surely there is an unemployed chemist who has too much time on his hands?) would develop a system or solution that would eliminate the bottle's self-gluing issue.

After you use the glue once or twice, it almost always dries the bottle's tube and/or the cap. I've lost more than one bottle of almost full glue over the years because of this defect.

Awesome stuff!

By JAT from Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, April 07, 2014

Bought 10, 20, and 30 consistency. Worked as stated. Using the applicator tips it made it super easy to repair a cracked neck and body on an acoustic I salvaged. Works great.

StewMac Super Glue

By Brett McNaueal from Trenton, Ontario, Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, April 06, 2014

I have to admit, I have tried other adhesives over the years, but I believe this product from Stewart MacDonald is about the best I have ever used. The thing I like the most about it is the fact you can buy it in differing thicknesses. Excellent for most repairs, including most really tough to glue plastics. It lasts forever in it's container, as long as you remember to put the top back on, and keep it right side up. Top of the line adhesive from a company that you can count on...Stewart MacDonald.

Glues the cap on great

By Nick Gregory from vermont
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, April 03, 2014

I love this glue. I especially love the extra thin tips it comes with. It dries fast and clear. The only problem I have with it is that the top glues itself on just from the fumes. Otherwise it's the best CA glue out there.

Better.....AND cheaper?!

By ElectricLarryLand from New Braunfels, Tx
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, March 28, 2014

Crazy......the little wand things are amazing. I've just used one many times over. Great stuff.

good glue

By JSD from Europe
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 24, 2014

pretty much the same glue as other super glues, good stuff works how it should. I didnt get on well with the black stuff though.

Stewmac Super Glue

By Doug Warneke from Scappoose, OR
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, January 16, 2014

Number 10 super glue is amazing. I use it to firm up end grain to reduce router bit tear out. I also make a lot of router templates out of 1/4" MDF and I use # 10 to harden the surfaces that the guide bearings ride on. This improves accuracy and durability.

oh yeah 

By Bride , from Chatcity Switzerland
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, January 12, 2014

a must have in every shop.

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