Target Waterbase Retarder, 8-ounce bottle

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Anti-blush additive for humid spray days. When you can't avoid spraying a waterbase finish in less-than-ideal conditions, this will help.

Spraying in a humid environment can trap moisture in your instrument's new finish, causing a milky appearance known as "blushing." Not quite what you expected! Added to the finish before spraying, Target Waterbase Retarder slows down the drying time to help free the excess moisture. In hot, low humidity conditions when your finish is drying too quickly, Retarder aids surface flow-out to help level the finish.

Environmentally friendly and nonflammable.

For waterbase finishes only. Not for use with nitrocellulose lacquers.

CAUTION: Use only in well-ventilated areas. Avoid inhaling spray mist. Wear NIOSH-approved Respirator Mask while spraying.

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Target Waterbase Retarder, 8-ounce bottle

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