ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil

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Preserves and beautifies fingerboards and bridges, leaving a smooth non-sticky feel!

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ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil

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Fretboard Finishing Oil

Dan Erlewine applies a protective finish on the fretboard of a 1953 Gibson J50.

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Preserves and beautifies fingerboards and bridges, leaving a smooth non-sticky feel!

Unfinished fingerboards and bridges benefit from special protection. ColorTone® Fretboard Finishing Oil keeps new rosewood and ebony looking good, feeling new and playing great. Restore a like-new appearance and smooth feel to sanded wood. 8-ounce bottle.

Pure linseed and mineral oils have been traditional fingerboard preservatives, but they don't dry completely hard, often leaving a sticky playing surface. ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil combines the nourishing benefit of traditional linseed with special dryers. 24 hours after application the wood is sealed and protected. The fretboard looks great and feels smooth, never sticky.

ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil works best when applied sparingly—a single bottle goes a long way! Simply wipe it on with a soft cloth, wipe off, and buff. It's guitar-safe when properly used: won't loosen or stain inlays, frets or bindings.

Be sure the fingerboard is clean and dry before application. Not for use on finished maple fretboards or finished bridges.

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.

Product Instructions

ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil Instructions

Directions for using ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil.

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ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil

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Quality Supplies!

By Wilmer Gingerich from Jamesport MO
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 17, 2011

Makes a fret board come to life!

ColorTone Fretboard Finishing Oil

By Walter from Farmingdale
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 29, 2011

I used this on some guitars that were getting some discoloration within the grain and also the fretboard was only a nice solid dark color when it was just setup and had lemon oil on it fresh, but wore off after about a week. This product went on easy and my fretboard looks like its new and healthy. Just make sure you clean it well afterwards because it leaves a slight tacky feeling and it somehow got the back of the neck sticky, but it cleans right off.

Works Great!

By Middleton Guitars from Southern California
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is perfect for any dark-colored wood! It adds a nice deeper-color and restores dried-out wood to like-new condition.

Fretboard oil

By tony barbaro from annapolis, maryland
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I was a little doubtful if the product was worth the money or just how good it might be. I have to say, I have eight guitars and I am quite happy with just how nice the boards now look and feel after using it. I would highly recommend the product. Used it also on my Epiphone SG with the faded wood finish, guitar looked awesome.

Seals the fretboard

By Jim_H from Bothell, USA
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 06, 2011

This product has solids in it, and thus leaves a hard seal over the surface of the fretboard. If this is what you are after, then this is a great product. Personally, I like to leave my fretboards unsealed to allow them to breath. I prefer a bore oil based product that doesn't contain solids.

All in all this is a great product if a sealed oil finish is what you are after.

refresh that fret board

By sherman stockton from indiana
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 01, 2011

it brings that "like new" look back to old fret boards

I'm no expert. 

By Marv from Cleveland, TN
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, July 30, 2011

I like what I hear and see about this product! Makes fretboard look great!

Good Product

By Goodson Guitars from Odessa, Tx
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, July 22, 2011

works well, it feels thin and dries fast.

Fretboard Finishing Oil

By Gene Mothershed from Beckville, Texas
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is the "before". Please view the"after" treatment in another review.

Fretboard Finishing Oil

By Gene Mothershed from Beckville, Texas
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This review is to add pictures of a Fender Jazz bass fretboard, before and after. This is good stuff. See for yourself! This is the "after".

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