ColorTone Black Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

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ColorTone Black Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

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ColorTone Black Aerosol Guitar Lacquer

About This Item

The easiest way to spray a professional finish! Produces a beautiful traditional nitrocellulose lacquer finish, without elaborate spray equipment.

ColorTone® Black Aerosol Guitar Lacquer is formulated especially for musical instruments. Fast-drying and resistant to alcohol and water, it produces a hard, durable opaque black gloss finish that can be clearcoated with ColorTone Clear Aerosol Guitar Lacquer for a deep, sleek gloss. Convenient 13-ounce spray can.

ColorTone® Black Aerosol Guitar Lacquer can be sprayed over smooth unfinished wood; over sanded basecoats of grain filler, and over ColorTone nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer. It's ideal for touch-up work, or for an entire instrument. The rotating-tip nozzle can spray a horizontal or vertical pattern.

Aerosol spraying is an economical way for the beginner to apply a finish. Aerosols produce a slightly rougher surface than spray guns however, and more sanding of the clear topcoats may be needed for a level finished surface.

Application Tips: We recommend spraying multiple thin coats, in a low humidity environment. Heavy-bodied Sanding Sealer (one coat equals two coats of lacquer) will seal the wood before the black coats are applied. Spray only enough black to hide the wood; most of the final finish thickness should be sprayed with clear gloss topcoats.

Use warm lacquer, not cold!
Pro shops spray heated lacquer because cold lacquer spatters, requiring extra sanding. You should warm up your aerosol lacquer too, simply soak them in a sink of warm tap water.

Our ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Kit is a great choice for the first-time instrument maker. It includes our easy-to-apply clear gloss aerosol finish with the best instruction book available!

California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.


Product Instructions

Nitrocellulose Finishing Schedule

A step-by-step flow chart of nitrocellulose finishing.

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Great finish

(Customer's Reviews)

I have a guitar whose head stock completely fell off right by the tuning pegs. I've done a ton of work to fix it so it stays, and it finally did (in an unorthodox fashion), but the amount of sanding, grinding, and sheer number of scratches on the neck were numerous. I did two coats of this stuff (I practiced on a different surface first) and my guitar is as shiny and good-looking as ever. It blended right in with the gloss that was already still on the guitar, and had plenty left over since it was a small fix. Love it and I couldn't be happier


Great product - no problems when used as directed

(Customer's Reviews)

A few months ago I began restoration on a 1966 Silvertone bass. I took on the project simply because - though the instrument appeared to have been dragged through the trenches - the tone was remarkable. When I got the instrument it had been banged, scratched, cratered, dinged AND spray-painted all over with crap black off-the-shelf paint. They even had painted over the white bindings. While researching products to make the piece presentable a friend recommended I contact Stewart-MacDonald and I'm glad I did! I spoke to someone on the phone and ordered this ColorTone Black Aerosol nitrocellulose lacquer. I read the instructions very carefully - several times - and when using the product as instructed had NO problems with sputter or splatter at all. I didn't have to soak the can in hot water - I merely shook the can for a full 60 seconds, test sprayed on some spare cardboard and then, over the course of 2 months applied multiple coats of this great product to the neck and body. What has emerged from the restoration is a remarkable instrument that plays as good as it looks! Follow the instructions and it works perfectly!


spit and sputter

(Customer's Reviews)

The colortone line has left a lot to be desired.. if you like your aerosol to spit and sputter these are for you. Stew Mac has a lot of great products but these are not. i will need to buy a spray gun.

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