Preservation Polish

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Silicone-free and repair shop friendly, with no wax or silicone residues. 12-ounce bottle.

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Preservation Polish

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Silicone-free and repair shop friendly, with no wax or silicone residues. 12-ounce bottle.

Preservation Polish gently cleans, polishes and protects lacquer and varnish finishes.

Ordinary guitar polishes shine by leaving a long-lasting silicone residue that's very hard to remove. If your guitar ever needs a repair, the silicone will prevent glue or finish from adhering, making even simple repairs more difficult and costly.

Simply apply Preservation Polish with a clean cotton cloth. It leaves no wax or silicone residues, so there's no cloudy film, stickiness or build-up. And it won't discolor the patina of vintage finishes.

Luthiers and repair shops: You've learned the hard way that guitars and silicone are bad company. Silicone residue makes it difficult for glue or finish to adhere properly and is a primary cause of "fisheyes" and cratering in lacquer finishes. It's even worse if silicone reaches bare wood or gets into the cracks of older finishes. Even the simplest finish repairs can become more difficult, time-consuming and costly. Do your colleagues a favor — use Preservation Polish and recommend it to your customers!

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Preservation Polish

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Great Stuff

By dwcpsc from South Africa
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 06, 2011

This polish is the best there is. It has no equal. If you are using something else, you need to try this. You'll never go back.

Great Investment

By Chard from Walla Walla, Wa.
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, January 06, 2011

This is by far the best guitar cleaner/polish I've used. I purchased a used 12 string that had been well worn and caked with layers of cigarette film and grime. After a few polishes the guitar finish came out beautiful and the neck is smooth as silk.


By Guy from Haines City, FL 
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 23, 2010

Preservation polish works great, smells good and seems to clean well as well as leaving a great shine to the finish.

The real deal

By Jack from San Bernardino, Ca.
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 17, 2010

There comes a time when you just have to put aside the household polishes and use the proper polish on a fine guitar. I wont use anything else from now on.

I am speechless!

By Dug from Ohio
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've been trying for over 40 years to get my guitars to look this good!

perfect polish

By Rocket from USA
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Technical babble aside, this is the best stuff I have ever used, and I've been at it for 40 years.

Preservation Polish

By LouRoi from Philadelphia
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, July 31, 2010

Before I bought Preservation Polish I used to use Martin guitar polish. It served me well when I was young and my guitar finishes were young. However, in recent years I have not been able to get the results that I was used to getting. I would work real hard at polishing an instrument only to place it on a stand and have the light in the room reveal a smudged surface that looked terrible. Preservation polish makes your efforts worthwhile by delivering a proper shine to your finish. It is similar to the Gibson Luthier series guitar polish which I prefer to the Martin polish; however, I only ever had a small expensive bottle of the Gibson polish and it ran out fairly quickly. When I got the Preservation Polish through the mail and saw the results on the first guitar I had chosen to polish I immediately polished another five guitars. The results are the best I have experienced in years and I will continue to use this product going forward. Tip: Before polishing your guitar clean the entire surface of the instrument using the moist-breath treatment - no point in trying to polish over dirt and dust - you will achieve best results this way.

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