Flamed Granadillo Back and Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

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Flamed Granadillo Back and Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

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Flamed Granadillo Back and Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

About This Item

Flamed granadillo for constructing a gorgeous acoustic guitar!
The bright tone of rosewood with stunning figure and reddish-brown hues.

We secured a limited stock of these beautiful matched back and side sets. Matched for grain and color, figured granadillo is a non-porous tonewood that will darken beautifully over time. It produces a bright, ringing tone that is similar to traditional rosewood and a perfect match for our sitka topwoods.

Figured Granadillo Back and Sides are a bookmatched set of two. When joined they are large enough for a Dreadnought size guitar. Sides are unprofiled (rectangular) and unbent.

    Back dimensions
  • Each half is approximately 8-1/2" x 21-5/8" (216mm x 549mm)
  • Thickness-sanded to 0.115" - 0.120" (2.92mm x 3.05mm)
    Side dimensions
  • Each half is approximately 4-3/4" x 32-3/4" (121mm x 832mm)
  • Thickness-sanded to 0.095" - 0.100" (2.41mm x 2.54mm)

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figured granadillo


Verified Buyer

I havn't used any of my last 2 orders yet, and I have never used granadillo at all before. But I was wondering just how easily it bends as I am planing on using it on a cutaway. Have you had any feedback on it . Thank you, Best regards Mal Ohlsen.




Verified Buyer

While these are a bit pricier than sets from other sources, the quality is excellent, with nice figuring and just the right amount of sapwood. I'd recommend that you sticker them immediately with good weight or pressure for a few weeks after receiving them; the back plates seemed to want to cup a bit soon after they were removed from their plastic shipping sleeves (I keep my shop at 45 percent RH). They flattened nicely after being allowed to acclimate in a weighted, stickered stack. Great product that I hope SM will stock regularly.