Golden Age Knotty Pine Body for Tele

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Golden Age Knotty Pine Body for Tele

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Golden Age Knotty Pine Body for Tele

About This Item

One exceptional 1952 Telecaster®, with a wild side. Leo Fender never used knots like this! Our '52 Body has a rough-and-ready character all its own.

Unusual wood for this Golden Age® Solidbody

Knotty Pine: Forget about unblemished wood! Knotty pine has lots of quirks and character—sometimes there are even cracks. Each body is unique, for building a guitar with a wild streak. Rugged looks and great sound. Yeehah!

Give it a simple oil-rubbed finish, or go with with traditional lacquer. No need to worry about pine sap seepage: we kiln-bake each piece until any pitch inside is thoroughly crystalized.

Golden Age pine bodies are made from Eastern White Pine that is grown, harvested, and processed in Ohio. We also offer Swamp Ash and Clear Pine '52 bodies.

No two of these bodies are quite alike, but every one has been "framed" by eye before shaping, to make the most of the naturally occurring knots. Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll hand select the one that most closely matches your request. Just give us a call or leave a note when you place your order.

Shaped like a true '52
The shape of the body and electronics cavities exactly match the 1952 original. The body is 1-3/4" thick with the correct 1/8" edge radius. The small router hump next to the neck pocket, and the 7/8" flat at the output jack, are quirks we retained for vintage accuracy.

Golden Age 52 Tele Details

Holes for mounting the bridge are drilled. Holes for string-thru-body are partially drilled, giving you the option of using a top-mounted bridge instead. Neck mounting holes are started in the traditional 4-screw placement, it's easy to finish them out with a hand drill. Our Replacement Neck for Tele Guitar is a perfect fit.

Ready for final shaping, sanding and finishing.

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Du pin sur la planche !

(Customer's Reviews)

Je ne regrette absolument pas d'avoir tenté cet assemblage autour d'un corps en pin pour une Telecaster . Associé à de bons micros Barre & Knuckle (Brown Sugar Kit), le résultat est bien claquant .
Prise avec un manche également chez StewMac, aucun problème dans l'assemblage, la jonction . C'est si bien qu'on a envie d'en confectionner une autre _


Such an eye catcher

(Customer's Reviews)

I asked Stew Mac for a gnarly knotted body and they gave me this one. It was easy to work with, a perfect fit for all parts. I put on some blue Stew Mac stain to come up with this color. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to build a frankens-tele


Tons o' Fun, then a little some!

(Customer's Reviews)

I REALLY dig this body blank, and thank you, Stew-Mac, for choosing a body that matched what I requested!

I had to touch up the routing on the bridge pickup a tad, to place the bridge/pickup assembly correctly, but it was real minor. Other than that, everything was exactly as I had expected/hoped. I matched mine to the tele neck here on Stew-Mac, upon which I fitted some brass ring/glow-in-the-dark side-dot inlays and a buffalo horn nut I cut, and nearly every other part I used was from Stew-Mac's inventory. Only exception being the pickups; Schecter US Custom Shop Pasadena VT Set. Hooo doggy!

I especially dig these for experimenting with different finishes and techniques, without the fuss/time/dust involved with getting the woodshop roaring. The natural, wild character of the wood ensures that, no matter where your experiments lead, you'll have a guitar that will at worst look oddly beautiful. I tried hempseed oil followed by amber-tinted shellac, and toyed around with a little woodburning in-between to keep a little Bukowski present at all times.

Thanks for the great selection and service!

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