Golden Age '63 Body for Strat

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Golden Age '63 Body for Strat Alder


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Golden Age '63 Body for Strat Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash

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Golden Age '63 Body for Strat Mahogany


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Golden Age '63 Body for Strat

About This Item

Perfect reincarnation of one exceptional 1963 Stratocaster®

In the early days, Fender bodies were made on shop tools, by hand. Small variations from one guitar to the next are the result of this handwork, and every so often a "Best of the Best" vintage Fender turns up.

Our '63 Body is a flawless recreation of one of those great Strats®. It's shaped exactly like the original, but we've left the final sanding and finishing for you—just as if you were in Fender's Fullerton workshop back in the day.

Choice woods for Golden Age Solidbodies

Nearly seamless grain matching: our swamp ash pieces are sawn and selected for superb grain matching. This gives the almost seamless look that's so important under transparent finishes.

Swamp Ash: We've selected best quality Southern swamp ash, lightweight and toneful. Our swamp ash has striking grain and tone characteristics that drive up the price of sought-after vintage Fenders.

Alder: Fender's main wood from the 1960s, alder is a big part of what we know as the vintage Strat sound. Golden Age alder has handsome subdued grain like the best originals.

Mahogany: A modern twin of one of the very few vintage mahogany Strat bodies ever made! Although mahogany was one of Gibson's most famous tonewoods, it's very rare in the Fender world. Our one-piece African mahogany equals the wood on the rare '63 Strat body that was the pattern for these bodies.

Shaped like a true '63
The shape of the body and electronics cavities exactly match the 1963 original. The body is 1-3/4" thick with the correct 7/16" radius. We've left the last touches for you, so you can final-shape the belly cut, the arm cut and shape the transition between the horn and the neck pocket to suit your preference.

Golden Age 63 Strat Details

Holes for mounting the bridge are drilled. Neck mounting holes are started in the traditional 4-screw placement, it's easy to finish them out with a hand drill. Our Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar is a perfect fit.

Ready for final shaping, sanding and finishing.

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Great Quality Alder Body

(Customer's Reviews)

I purchased the Alder body primarily to save time while building a quick Strat. The body only required minor final shaping before I applied sealer. I would give it 5 stars if the hole from the control cavity to the output jack was pre-drilled.


sub par for the price

(Customer's Reviews)

I think Golden Age does a better job on the Tele Bodies. This is multi piece of ash. You must finish and shape the transition between the horn and the neck pocket. I want an un-finished body shaped like a Strat with all the routes completed. While I would happily get another GA Tele Body, I would not get another strat body.


Nice wood - don't mess it up!

(Customer's Reviews)

I had the idea that red wood stain would look red - it didn't - it looked pink. So the beautiful grain on this ash body is now hidden under my first attempt at painting a guitar. The Union Jack wraps right around the body and took about 3 months of masking, spraying and sanding with the basic products I could find here in Borneo. All the same, it's got a great compound neck, trem, and P/U's + S1 switching. And a lot of hard work!

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