Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele

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Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash

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Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele Alder


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Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele

About This Item

In many ways, this is the guitar that ushered in one of the most iconic eras in music history—almost overnight the Tele® transformed blues and country, opened the door for rock & roll, and touched almost every other musical style and genre. The Telecaster is arguably the most influential guitar in modern history.

And you can tap into some of this vintage mojo with our Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele.

As a builder, few things are more rewarding than experiencing the moment when a nice, but otherwise ordinary, hunk of wood “becomes” an instrument. It's hard to say exactly when it happens, or even what that magic is, but you know it when you feel it.

That's why when you get your hands on one of our unsanded Golden Age '52 bodies you'll immediately feel that zap and your mind will race with the possibilities of what this can become with some nurturing, patience and imagination from you.

Like its more refined brother, our Golden Age '52 Unsanded Body for Tele was flawlessly modeled on one of Fender's best-of-the-best legendary originals. But this one is straight off the machines, with sharp edges, rough surfaces and all... It's just waiting on you to bring it the rest of the way home—just as if you were a part of the Fullerton workshop with Leo looking over your shoulder.

Average weight:
Alder 4.90 pounds (2.2 kg)
Swamp Ash: 4.50 pounds (2.0 kg)

More about Your Choice of Woods on Our Golden Age Unsanded Solidbodies:

(Southern) Swamp Ash: We've selected best quality Southern swamp ash, lightweight and toneful. Our swamp ash has striking grain like the fantastic '52 Tele we started from.

Alder: While Ash is the traditional wood on a '52 Tele, Fender began switching to Alder in the late 1950s, and it's been a big part of the vintage Tele vibe ever since. Golden Age Alder has handsome subdued grain, just like the best originals.

Note: Aside from being rougher around the edges, there are a few other differences between our unsanded and sanded bodies. Just like the original Fenders back in the day—you know, the ones with those gorgeous, iconic opaque finishes—many of them were multi-piece bodies that were not precisely joined on center, or there would be an occasional pin knot or other cosmetic issue preventing Fender from giving it a translucent finish. True to that original vintage form, these unsanded bodies have many of the same characteristics making them perfect for a classic or modern opaque finish.

Shaped like a true '52
The shape of the body and electronics cavities exactly match a 1952 original Telecaster®. The body is 1-3/4" thick with the correct 1/8" radius. The small router hump next to the neck pocket, and the 7/8" flat at the output jack, are quirks we retained for vintage accuracy.

Golden Age 52 Tele Details

Holes for mounting the bridge are drilled. Holes for string-thru-body are partially drilled, giving you the option of using a top-mounted bridge instead. Neck mounting holes are started in the traditional 4-screw placement, it's easy to finish them out with a hand drill. Our Replacement Neck for Tele Guitar is a perfect fit.

Ready for final shaping, sanding and finishing.

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Swamp Ash body blank


Verified Buyer

Nice grain, very good lamination and matching of grains on faces of body. Even at full price this would be good value, sale price was a bonus! With modest finishing this will look fantastic!




Verified Buyer

As someone who usually only makes custom strats from scratch by hand, I'd been toying with the idea of trying a tele for sometime but didn't own one to template up off. Saw the paint grade s/ash body for tele @ thought perfect!!! Bought one @ a neck to go with it @ FRANKLY!!! I'm over the moon with both... The body is a lot nicer than I thought it would be @ the neck is a perfectly snug fit so now I can template these @ try a few unique tele's in unusual timbers...Also...swamp ash is very hard to find in N.Z.@ this body's certainly nice enough for a tinted clear finish which is a REAL BONUS for me. Knowing what's involved in making a body from scratch this is...EXCELLENT VALUE ALL ROUND!!! No doubt about it. BIG THANKS TO STEWMAC!! You've put ..THAT BIG SMILE...on my face once again. cheers!,ROD. N.Z.

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