Golden Age Knotty Pine Body for Tele

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One exceptional 1952 Telecaster®, with a wild side. Leo Fender never used knots like this! Our '52 Body has a rough-and-ready character all its own.

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Golden Age Knotty Pine Body for Tele

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One exceptional 1952 Telecaster®, with a wild side. Leo Fender never used knots like this! Our '52 Body has a rough-and-ready character all its own.

Unusual wood for this Golden Age® Solidbody

Knotty Pine: Forget about unblemished wood! Knotty pine has lots of quirks and character—sometimes there are even cracks. Each body is unique, for building a guitar with a wild streak. Rugged looks and great sound. Yeehah!

Give it a simple oil-rubbed finish, or go with with traditional lacquer. No need to worry about pine sap seepage: we kiln-bake each piece until any pitch inside is thoroughly crystalized.

Golden Age pine bodies are made from Eastern White Pine that is grown, harvested, and processed in Ohio. We also offer Swamp Ash and Clear Pine '52 bodies.

No two of these bodies are quite alike, but every one has been "framed" by eye before shaping, to make the most of the naturally occurring knots. Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll hand select the one that most closely matches your request. Just give us a call or leave a note when you place your order.

Shaped like a true '52
The shape of the body and electronics cavities exactly match the 1952 original. The body is 1-3/4" thick with the correct 1/8" edge radius. The small router hump next to the neck pocket, and the 7/8" flat at the output jack, are quirks we retained for vintage accuracy.

Golden Age 52 Tele Details

Holes for mounting the bridge are drilled. Holes for string-thru-body are partially drilled, giving you the option of using a top-mounted bridge instead. Neck mounting holes are started in the traditional 4-screw placement, it's easy to finish them out with a hand drill. Our Replacement Neck for Tele Guitar is a perfect fit.

Ready for final shaping, sanding and finishing.

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Golden Age Knotty Pine Body for Tele

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First of Many?

By C R from Baltimore, MD 
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, November 21, 2014

Pine is light-weight. You can hear (and feel) the more resonant tone that it provides. The knots provide quirky character. This finish is Minwax walnut stain, plus a coat of sprayed-on Bullseye shellac, and finally a top coat of matte polyurethane. If I had to do it again, I would have rounded the radius on the edges a little bit, and maybe even cut an arm bevel. The StewMac premium wiring kit worked well, too.

Old Blue

By bbrodie from Pa
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knotty Pine as a tone wood? Go figure. This is my first guitar build. All the parts came from Stewmac including the Golden Age Pickups. It sounds and plays incredibly well. I've been playing guitar for 45 years and this one is a keeper! Oh, I'm a professional freelance photographer and I get carried away sometimes.

First tele parts build

By gigs from Pittsburgh, PA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is my first parts build and I always wanted a pine tele. Saw the pics on stew mac and decided to give it a try. Worked out perfectly. The pine body was exactly what I wanted, was easy to work with and all parts fits easily. Moderate amount of sanding. 3 coats of ipswich pine stain and then about 10 coats of boiled linseed oil. Hand carved birch bark pickguard to add to the uniqueness of the pine body and hide the routing that I won't need. Will wire it as an esquire. Very happy with the results.

Knaughty Pine Tele body!

By Vaughn E. Cost from Ligonier, PA
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I'm a Strat guy and built a few along the way...but, when I saw these knotty pine Tele bodies, I knew I had to build one. I asked Stew-Mac for the wildest body they had in stock and this is what they sent me. After a little stain from the local hardware store and a few cans of Stew-Mac nitro lacquer, here's what was born in my garage. She sounds as nasty as she looks so I named her "The Tramp"!

The end product

By David S from Seattle, WA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, November 04, 2012

Birds Eye maple neck with Telecaster Hotrail Humbucker set. I wired the neck in series and left the bridge normal, they sound incredible in the middle position. I like this solid body very much. I suggest enlarging the neck pickup cavity and making the neck wire route one channel so you'll be able to remove the pick guard at a later date without desoldering and pushing wire back through the routed holes. Imagine my delight seeing the new Fender American Standard Hand Rubbed Ash Telecaster. Stewart Mac helped me make a better guitar!

Great project body!!!

By tootall from Oregon
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, October 26, 2012

There is nothing I didn't like about this body. Everything measured up just right for all my extra *-Caster parts. Working with pine was a nice change up. Sanded down with lightly cushioned paper to make the grain really pop out. Followed up with some burnt pigment and a multi-layer Tru-Oil finish. Took the linseed based color VERY well. Kept the polish to a nice 0000 steel wool matte. Very smooth! The end result also weighs less than ANY electric guitar I have ever owned too! Thanks again StewMac for another great project piece!

Twas my first build

By David S from Seattle, WA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, October 05, 2012

This was my first build from an unfinished body. Pine is a good choice for ease of sanding, filling. The knot holes add character and there is no other like mine attitude. Right now I am waiting for lacquer to cure before final wet sand and polish. I learned so very much doing this and am glad I did. I can't wait to do the next one. Stewart Mac Tech support was excellent throughout and answered every single finish question I had by email as they arose. I think the biggest thing I learned is is it less expensive to buy a beater guitar, strip it and refinish it than it is to build your axe from a body blank. At least you'll end up with a neck that has a serial number. But that is not the point now is it! Now that I have done one, I wish this body did not have the wire route from the neck to the control cavity. Then you could go with a no or clear pick guard option. I guess you could put a tuner or color organ in I had fun doing this. Will do another someday soon.

Einzigartig wie ein Fingerabdruck

By t-mob from Germany Stuttgart
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, September 13, 2012

eigenstSndige Gitarre bauen
Spuren von Wachstum und -nderungen sollen deutlich sichtbar sein.
Deshalb dieser Body,unverwechselbar. wie ein Fingerabdruck
Das Holz ist relativ weich .
Vorsichtiger Umgang wg. Dellen und Macken ist angesagt.
Da alles Einzelstncke sind ist keine Vorauswahl m÷glich.
Kam gut vorgeschliffen und alle wichtigen Punkte vorgebohrt/angebohrt.
Wundersch÷ner transparenter Klang û wnrde ich wieder kaufen.

Wachslasur Aqua Clou W11 farblos
Schaller M6L mini 508A
Fender STD Tele BLK (BWB) Pickguard
Gotoh Modern Bridge for Tele
Neck 5718 Rosewood fingerboard

Fnr die EMG Pickups mnssen die KabelkanSle aufgebohrt werden.
Die Stecker passen sonst nicht durch. Vorsicht -sehr sehr langer Bohrer notwendig.
Fnr die 9 Volt Batterie muss ausserdem eine H÷hle innerhalb des Elektrikfachs heraus
gearbeitet werden . Hochkant passt die Batterie wegen. der Potis nicht rein.
Im Pickguard ist es notwendig die Pickup AusfrSsung zu vergr÷¯ern.
Pickup passt sonst nicht durch.

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