Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar

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Shaped, inlaid, fretted and finished—feels and plays great! Hard rock maple finished in clear satin polyurethane, with a walnut "skunk stripe" down the back.

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Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar Rosewood fingerboard

Rosewood fingerboard

Item # 5715
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Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar Maple fingerboard

Maple fingerboard

Item # 5716
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Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar Compound radius, rosewood fingerboard

Compound radius, rosewood fingerboard

Item # 5713
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Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar Compound radius, maple fingerboard

Compound radius, maple fingerboard

Item # 5714
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Shaped, inlaid, fretted and finished—feels and plays great! Hard rock maple finished in clear satin polyurethane, with a walnut "skunk stripe" down the back.

The 22 frets are nicely finished, and the nut is shaped and slotted. Maple or rosewood fretboard with dot inlays and side markers.

Screwholes for attaching to the body are not drilled. Each neck has a truss rod with a 4mm adjusting nut at the peghead. We recommend Allen Truss Rod Wrench for adjusting neck relief.

Peghead is drilled for 6-in-line tuning machines. 11mm-diameter holes fit sealed gear tuners with threaded peghead bushing. See all tuners.

Scale length 25-1/2" (647.70mm)
Width at nut 1-11/16" (42.86mm)
Width at 22nd fret 2-3/16" (55.56mm)
Fretwire .045" high x .095" wide (1.14mm x 2.41mm)
Approximate heel length 3-5/8" (92.07mm)
Fretboard radius 9-1/2" (241.30mm)

Compound radius necks
The fingerboard surface radius gradually changes from 9.5" at the nut, to 12" at the 22nd fret (241mm to 305mm), for lower action and cleaner string bending. 14.75" (375mm) bridge saddle radius is recommended.

Neck thickness (approximate; not including fret)

Ideally, the neck should just drop into the neck-pocket, or be a little snug. Don't force the neck into the pocket. If the body is unfinished, remember that the finish will make the neck pocket smaller with lacquer build up on the edge of the rout. Be sure to compensate for the finish buildup or the neck will be too tight after finishing.

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Fine tuning a bolt-on replacement neck

Erick Coleman pulls his old Strat out of mothballs and gives it a new neck. He shows what's needed to get a replacement neck ready to play.

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Replacement Neck for Strat Guitar

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Nice Neck!

By JLondon from Owensboro, KY
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, September 02, 2011

I would definitely buy this neck again although maybe not the compound radius. I had to try one though. I'm not feeling that great a difference in the compound radius and compared to the single radius neck it pretty much throws every action setup technique I've used previously out the window. Great quality & beautiful wood, and the frets were perfectly level right out of the box although they would benefit from a little dressing up. But that should be expected from any pre-made neck. I've been wanting to carve my own neck from scratch but these necks make it difficult to justify especially at the price point. I've only bought one, but so far there's absolutely no reason for anyone to be dis-satisfied.

Great "bang for the $" neck!!

By Blue Leroy from N.E.Alabama
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, July 31, 2011

I got this neck for a Strat clone I was building. It arrived in near record time and the quality is above and beyond what I expected for the price. The neck & f/b are both high quality woods, the neck even has a good amount of "flame" in the grain. The frets are finished to perfection and follow the compound radius f/b w/o flaw. The trussrod is easy to adjust, and more functional than on many "factory"'s also rattle free, which is VERY important. I followed StewMacs "trade secrets" section on installing Strat necks, and it went on flawlessly. It's settled in nicely requiring only 2 adjustments to reach perfect action. This neck has allowed me to have an action on a "budget home build" that matches my American Deluxe Strat, so I can't complain in way.


By Bumble from Atlanta,Ga.
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, July 21, 2011

I could not find better anywhere else
a great upgrade neck

Not as hoped

By Jonathan from Port Of Spain TRI
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, July 01, 2011

I was disappointed to find that this neck is a Mighty Mite item. I find the fret ends not finished well, the fretboard edges are sanded roughly (100grit?)and not shaped evenly along the length of the neck. In general, the necks surface seems to need sanding to a smoother grit before finishing, or at the very least, should have another layer of lacquer on it. I am a luthier myself, and to maintain my standards of quality I feel as if I should resand and refinish this brand new neck, and that was NOT part of my plan or budget for this project. In the past I have ordered one of the Stewmac necks with the blank headstock lower edge, which was EXCELLENT quality, so much so that I had a hard time matching the quality of the finish after I cut and shaped the headstock edge. In summary I wish these strat replacement necks were up to the quality of the blank headstock necks.

5714 Compound radius, maple fingerboard

By Alan Vance from Smithfield, VA, US
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, June 05, 2011

Just put one of these on my Line 6 James Tyler Variax (JTV-69B). I did not like the original neck on the JTV-69 (very tall frets and a chunkier neck). This is a Mighty-Might neck, but it's the bomb on this guitar. I also ordered Schaller Locking tuners from Stewmac. The neck had to be drilled to put it on the guitar, but anyone with decent skills can do this. The neck fit perfectly in the neck pocket of the JTV-69. The Stewmac neck had a light satin finish and wonderful fretwork. The JTV-69 is now an awesome guitar! I've got great guitar modelling and great playability now, with this replacement neck (for under $200)!

replacement neck skeptic

By MOF Instruments from Greenwood, Ar
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 30, 2011

when I first viewed the replacement necks I was a little skeptic about ordering because I was trying to assemble a guitar from three different manufacturers. I bolted the neck up temporary, marked my spots to drill the anchor posts for my tremolo, which I also ordered from StewMac and proceeded to install tremolo. I bolted the neck on to the body with my neck plate on, put strings on, adjusted my tremolo posts tuned the guitar and played a gig. the nut was already in place and the string grooves cut, I did not have to re-cut or fill the grooves, they play like I built the neck and then hand cut my nut grooves. GREAT JOB. Mike

Replacement neck

By Michael Powers from Topeka,Kansas
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I purchased and replacement neck for my custom swamp ash Im building, and it is fantastic. It came to the door very quickly, has a lovley satin finish on the back of the neck-after applying several coats of nitro to the fret board, it was ready to rock! Love Stew Mac

These are the necks Fender should be using.

By Tore Hauge from Scotland
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, March 14, 2011

I just bought my fifth compound radius neck!!! That means I've replaced the Fender necks on my four Stratocasters and one Telecaster. The silky feel means no "stickiness" and the compound radius means no fret out even with a pretty low action. And they are a perfect fit to the bodies on all my guitars so fitting them was a piece of cake. I cannot speak highly enough of these necks. You really should try them out.

Kevin Nova Scotia

By Kevin Irvine from Kentville NS Can
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 13, 2011

I had previously bought a maple neck from stewmac with the unfinished machine head and put it on an old Strat body I had. It worked ok but it was too thin and tonaly the guitar did not sound right. Then I saw this neck and I bought it. This was a home run! the neck fits in the hand because it is beefier and the guitar sounds 100% better! Sustain is vastly improved and the guitar sounds like a Strat again.

Another Strat Completed

By Uel from Scotland
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, January 06, 2011

This is the 4th replacement StewMac neck I have purchased and used for my guitar building projects. This latest neck is for an active pre-amp outfitted strat. Fits perfectly with good clean action. I do augment the neck finish with antique maple finish for a more golden color.

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