Slotted Fingerboard for Fender Bass

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34" scale • 16" radius • 24 slots + nut slot
The 34" scale is Fender's standard bass scale and is also one of the most common bass scales in use today.

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Slotted Fingerboard for Fender Bass Ebony


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Slotted Fingerboard for Fender Bass Rosewood


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34" scale • 16" radius • 24 slots + nut slot
The 34" scale is Fender's standard bass scale and is also one of the most common bass scales in use today.

Suitable for traditional Fender installations with the fingerboard extending beyond the nut, or you can trim that portion off for other designs.

Our kiln-dried fingerboards have flat undersides, are unfretted (no inlays), and ready for trimming to fit a variety of neck widths.

Approximate dimensions: 2-1/2" x 26" x 1/4" (63.50mm x 660.40mm x 6.35mm)
Scale: 34" (863.60mm)
Radius: 16" (406.40mm)
Fret slots: 24 slots, 0.023" wide (0.58mm). Ready to accept our fretwire.
Nut slot: 1/8" wide (3.18mm)

By cutting the fingerboard shorter at the 2nd fret (at the nut end), it can be used on a 30-5/32" scale bajo sexto or baritone guitar.

A note about ebony:
Ebony is usually not uniformly black. We offer Black Fingerboard Stain, as used by Gibson, Paul Reed Smith and other makers, for darkening the streaks on ebony fingerboards, bridges and peghead overlays when desired.

Need help calculating your fret locations?
Our online fret scale calculator can calculate any scale length you want to use. It will also give you accurate measurements for locating the bridge on your instrument.

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Slotted Fingerboard for Fender Bass

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You can do a lot with one of these

By alder from NJ USA
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, February 02, 2013

If the nut slot is moved to the first fret, the result is the 'forbidden' 32.1" scale. A medium scale has all the ease-of-plying of a short scale, without the sloppiness of too-loose strings. By shortening the neck to 19 frets, you can build a 32" drop-in replacement for a 34" neck. The 20th fret can be retained by letting it overhang like many guitar necks. For a truss rod, StewMac's "Martin-style" rod can be shortened to fit with little more than hand tools. The same operation at the second fret gives a true 30.3" short-scale, while the third fret gives a 28.6" baritone guitar. Of course, at that point you only have 21 frets left. 4 stars because the board I received was rather rough and not the nicest grain, although it cleaned up acceptably, and is straight and true, which is the most important thing. My almost-finished 32" Jazzmaster.

Medium quality ebony

By sofislele from Athens, Greece
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 29, 2012

I got the ebony one and I knew that it wouldn't be a uniformly black but I found that the quality of the wood is medium and the radius needs a little work. However the slots are very precise and the bottom side is well planed.

Very good!

By Diego de Freitas from Curitiba/BRAZIL
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 22, 2012

Excellent product! No more words!

Fingerboard fenda para baixo

By Danilo Lima from S+úo Paulo Brasil
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 16, 2011

gostei muito do produto, atendeu minhas necessidades.

Nice fingerboard :)

By Nothing Is Real from Ontario, Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 08, 2011

Nothing to complain about with this one. The ebony is not pure black, just like they warned, and I even prefer it with some sort of texture on, as it seems more natural. It seems to be radiused and even all around except for one tiny little flat spot I found, but it's near the very upper frets and probably won't make any noticeable difference in playing. The slots are nicely and accurately cut too; much better than I could do by hand!


By Bravewood Guitars from Cornwall, UK
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I've bought many items over the years from Stewmac and by and large have been very pleased with most of them...unfortunate then that I feel compelled to write a review regarding the slotted bass fingerboard recently received. I usually cut my own slots on fingerboards but bought this ready cut board to save time on an experimental project I am working on. Straight out of the box the rosewood was a disappointing colour...uneven across the board, not great but 'one of those things'. However, that wasn't the only problem...the radius was very, VERY uneven, indeed, sighting a line along the edge of the board revealed numerous bumps and humps along the length, particularly on the 'bass' side. The fret slots as a result look to be of uneven depth too. As a professional luthier this isn't a great problem for me, but if this was being ordered by someone trying to make their first dream bass project...they might not have the tools and/or knowledge on how to deal with this...if you fretted this without rectifying these problems you could run into a whole heap of trouble when you come to set the bass up, I don't believe a playable bass could be made!...beware!!! C'mon guys...this one really shouldn't have got out...

Slotted Fingerboard for Fender Bass

By RestoGuitar from Cincinnati, Ohio USA
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, April 29, 2011

Nice quality wood, no problem with the slotting, it also has plenty of wood in back of the nut slot. A negative is that the board is not graduated in thickness, a Fender style board has uniform thickness at the edges, not in the center as the Stew-Mac board has, it takes some work in addition to cutting to shape.

Good Quality

By TFord from RI
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 04, 2010

I bought this for my senior project for school. I built a custom bass guitar designed based off of the 1961 Fender Bass VI. I thought the design was pretty cool. So i set forth on taking the design and putting it into my own view, using this fingerboard for the neck.

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