Quilted Maple Back and Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

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Quilted Maple Back and Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

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Quilted Maple Back and Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

About This Item

Limited Stock! Bring rich, deep figure to your next acoustic guitar build. Quilted maple not only looks gorgeous, but sounds great too!

Flatsawn for that unmistakable look, quilted maple offers a slightly warmer tone than traditional curly maple. Pair with our Bearclaw Sitka top to create a show-stopper with clear high notes and a warm bass response.

Kiln-dried and stable, each back is a set of two bookmatched halves for joining and profiling. The sides are a bookmatched set of two, unprofiled (rectangular) and unbent.

Tip: Stain quilted maple twice for that 3-D pop! Block-sanding the majority of the stain removes most of the color and enhances the grain, causing the curls and swirls to stand out darker when you apply a second coat of stain.

New to bending sides? Figured woods like quilted maple can be tricky to bend. Use our practice wood to perfect your technique.

Dimensions (approximate) Thickness
Bookmatched back 8-3/4" x 22-1/2"
(222.25mm x 571.50mm)
.115" - .120"
(2.92mm - 3.05mm)
Unbent sides 4-7/8" x 34-1/2"
(123.65mm x 831.85mm)
.095" - .100"
(2.41mm - 2.54mm)

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Nice quilt

(Customer's Reviews)

As described a nice grain with lovely quilt, a good quality wood you can tell from handling and flex/tap test etc, a great price too which is why I bought 3 sets.