Lutz Spruce Soundboard for Small Guitar

Lutz Spruce Soundboard for Small Guitar

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Lutz Spruce Soundboard for Small Guitar

About This Item

Visually a very clean and light tonewood with powerful projection. Strong strummers and hard pickers will appreciate the warmth and dynamic response of Lutz.

Lutz Spruce is a naturally occurring hybrid, growing among the Sitka and White Spruce in Western North America. It picks up a bit of each wood's character: high stiffness, low density, and consistent white color.

Bookmatched sets of two quartersawn halves. When joined they're large enough for classical, 000, and parlor size guitars.

  • Each half is approximately 8" x 22" (203mm x 559mm)
  • Thickness-sanded to 0.125" - 0.130" (3.18mm - 3.30mm)

Use our grading system to choose your soundboard...
Color: Higher soundboard grades have more consistent color (color affects the instrument's appearance only, not its tone).

Grain straightness: Higher soundboard grades have straighter, more uniform grain due to slower wood growth, with more grain lines per inch. Variations in grain straightness generally don't affect the wood's structural integrity. Closely spaced grain has been traditionally favored, but luthiers have found that wider grain can produce very good tone.

Quartersawn grain: The higher the grade, the more closely quartersawn the wood. Higher grade soundboards are usually stiffer, stronger and more resilient, and less likely to deform under string tension.

Grain run-out: Our soundboards are sawn from split billets to reduce the amount of grain "run-out," caused by a twist in the tree. By splitting the log, the twist is followed when sawing. Higher grade soundboards have less run-out, for more strength. However, properly braced lower grades can be excellent soundboards, especially for classical guitars. Engelmann spruce trees grow at higher altitudes, and usually have some run-out due to their smaller diameters.

Origin and drying: Our soundboards (except Red Spruce) are from western North America, and have been kiln-dried and stored for up to a year.

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Fantastic wood!


Verified Buyer

I bought one of these soundboards about a year ago and finally used it on my most recent build. Excellent quality wood aesthetically and tonally speaking. I was surprised at how good the instrument sounded. A very rich, clean, balanced sound. Will definetly use this wood again!


AA Grade is a Bargain


Verified Buyer

The wood i received has the expected color and grain variations for AA grade (which i find attractive.) it is as laterally stiff as some Adi and bearclaw Sitka i have on hand. The glued up top has a nice resonant tap tone. Will update this review after my OO guitar is finished. This is my first time using Lutz, but based on experience so far, I'll probably buy more.


Lutz spruce


Verified Buyer

The two sets arrived as described -- whitish and clean. I haven't used them. With granadillo and narra, I'm hoping for a full sound.


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