Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2

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Classic soundboard trim for Dreadnought!
These traditional purflings are bent to fit a Dreadnought soundboard, saving you time and work.

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Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2

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Classic soundboard trim for Dreadnought!
These traditional purflings are bent to fit a Dreadnought soundboard, saving you time and work.

A distinguishing feature of iconic D-28 Martin guitars, classic Herringbone trim adds a signature vintage touch. The bent Herringbone purfling we supply is laminated with black fiber and natural unstained "white" wood. Set of 2.

Approximate dimensions:
.140" wide x 1/16" x .065" thick (3.56mm x 1.65mm)

TIP: Dimensions are approximate. For proper fit, wood purflings should be measured directly before routing the channels on your instrument.

See Articles for our detailed instructions on routing a "stairstep" channel around the soundboard, gluing the purflings and their surrounding bindings in place, and scraping them flush.

Also available: Unbent Herringbone Purfling and Herringbone Soundhole Rosette.

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Bent Herringbone Purfling, Set of 2

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Herringbone for Dreadnought Guitars

By guitarwoodrat from Cumberland Gap, Tn
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have used this herringbone for over 5 years. It saves having to bend the straight pieces, and for the time saved I feel like I save money.

Herringbone Purfling

By Joe E from Corona, CA
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, October 09, 2011

I used the Herringbone Purfling on my 000 build project. Since it came prebent for a dreadnought, I reshaped it by using a small steamer from an auto parts store, some pushpins and the cardboard 000 shape that came with the kit. The steamer worked great to soften the purfling mostly in the waist area. It didn't take much steam to make the material pliable. I then molded it around the cardboard 000 shape. The push pins held it in place until it cooled and set up in the new shape. I have mounted it on the body, and it looks great. I am really pleased with the results.

prebent herringbone purfling

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Although the pieces have been broken on a few occasions, it doesn't matter much. The pieces always fit my rebate with little fuss. I had to bend this stuff back in the day, and it does take time.

Bent Herringbone Perfling

By JT from California
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, May 13, 2011

This product was delivered in perfect condition. I used Weldon #16 adhesive and the product worked flawlessly.

bent herringbone purfling

By surfer pete from australia
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, October 22, 2010

Great, saves so much time use on my 12 string also on a mate 6 string looks unreal.

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