Pearl Fretboard Side Dots

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Pearl Fretboard Side Dots White pearl, package of 10

White pearl, package of 10

Item # 0964
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50 or more $3.76
Pearl Fretboard Side Dots Gold pearl, package of 10

Gold pearl, package of 10

Item # 0964-G
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50 or more $3.98
Pearl Fretboard Side Dots Abalone, package of 10

Abalone, package of 10

Item # 0964-A
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10 or more $5.09
50 or more $4.07
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Pearl Fretboard Side Dots

About This Item

Perfectly cut position markers for the edge of the fingerboard. Made from genuine shell material, perfectly cut to drop right into place.

They're small, but they make a big difference to the player. Perfectly cut circles with consistent diameter and thickness — what a time saver!

Diameter: 3/32" (2.38mm)
Thickness: 0.050" (1.27mm)

Sold in packages of 10.

We recommend epoxy or super glue for installing all our inlays and side dots.

Inlay filler colors can be mixed with epoxy for matching ebony and rosewood.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Installing side dots with the help of plywood scraps

Dan Erlewine shows the easy way to install side dots in guitar neck binding. And he has some tips for using plywood scraps around your shop, too!

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Order more than 1 set to get consistent color

(Customer's Reviews)

Very nice set of abalone side dots. Fit perfectly with no gaps. Only downside is that they've been inconsistent in color. Bought several sets in order to get a complete set of dark blue/green. There have always been a mix of white abalone dots with the dark blue/green dots in each of the sets. Luckily, they're good and cheap so it's not that big of a deal to order more than one set.


Predictable repeatable results

(Customer's Reviews)

Thanks Stewmac! These position markers are always uniform and are of fine quality!


Very nice

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought a nice, used, entry-level, Takamine classical guitar. It does not come with side fret markers and that was a problem for me. I looked into the do-it-yourself approach and I did it. These abalones pieces come in variety of shades and colors (often bluish on one side and whiter on the other). I ordered a matching size brad-tip drillbit from another company and my luthier friend lent me a handheld manual drill device to do the the drilling slowly and controlled.(forgot what it is called). I carefully measured the position (hardest part of the whole job) and then did it. Once I tapped them in it was difficult or impossible to get them out. They will pretty much want to stay flush with the edge even if the hole is a little deep. Two of them were attached with a tiny drop of wood glue applied on a needle. Result is quite good for an amateur.

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