ToneRite for Mandolin, Domestic, 110-volt

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ToneRite for Mandolin, Domestic, 110-volt

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ToneRite for Mandolin, Domestic, 110-volt

About This Item

Simulates the effects of actual playing to bring out the best in your mandolin!

The ToneRite® has the guitar world buzzing. Now for mandolin!
This revolutionary "play-in" simulator is based on the observation that the more an acoustic instrument is played, the faster it reaches its full sound potential (its "play-in" period).

The ToneRite applies direct vibration to a mandolin at controlled frequencies, to simulate the effects of actual playing. Many players report increased volume and dynamic range in their instruments after using the device between playing sessions.

"The ToneRite supercharged my instruments to their max in volume and tone! One of the most useful new products I've seen in a really long time!"
—Alan Bibey, 2-time SPBGMA Mandolin Player of the Year

"The mandolin was so much more open sounding and acquired a much more woody tone. The volume increased noticeably. I would highly recommend the ToneRite to anyone wishing to speed up the opening up process or to keep the mandolin warmed up."
—Chris Stanley, Mandolin Luthier

    3rd Generation models are the newest and most advanced ToneRite:
  • New electronics for finer control of intensity and harmonic content
  • More efficient, better fitting Elastone feet

The special Elastone feet are designed to safely and quietly maximize energy transfer to the instrument. The intensity of vibration can be controlled by a convenient dial on the power cord.

The manufacturer recommends an initial usage of 72-144 hours. It will be the first step in achieving your instrument's top potential. Subsequent treatments will be required to maintain and further develop your instrument. The ToneRite is not designed to make a poor instrument great, it is simply designed to bring out the best in an instrument. Your instrument will retain its individual character, with enhanced balanced tone and playability.

Domestic models are a 110-volt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

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That's right, use your ToneRite

(Customer's Reviews)

Used on a custom built OOO brazillian guitar w/carpathian top, a newly built F-5 mandolin, and a '56 Gibson LG-1 that has been hotrodded with 100yr. old scalloped X-bracing and I am very impressed. All 3 instruments opened up very nicely and have a wonderful sound. It didn't work at all on a 2008 814 Eastman F-4 that hasn't been played an hour. I believe the top and back wood on this mandolin are to thick in the re-curve area. I am ready to pull the back and rework. But in the mean time, do your instruments a favor and buy a ToneRite.

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