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The ToneRite® has the guitar world buzzing!
Simulates the effects of actual playing to bring out the best in your guitar.

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The ToneRite® has the guitar world buzzing!
Simulates the effects of actual playing to bring out the best in your guitar.

This revolutionary "play-in" simulator is based on the observation that the more an acoustic instrument is played, the faster it reaches its full sound potential (its "play-in" period).

The ToneRite applies direct vibration to a guitar at controlled frequencies, to simulate the effects of actual playing. Many players report increased volume and dynamic range in their instruments after using the device between playing sessions.

"The ToneRite® has made a dramatic difference in the tone of new instruments, and has helped to 'wake up' vintage instruments that haven't been played in years."
—Eric Schoenberg, Schoenberg Guitars

"After one week with the ToneRite on the guitar, the voice of my LaVenezia opened-up beautifully!"
—Bob Benedetto, Benedetto Guitars, Inc.

"All I know is the ToneRite works. It has caused several instruments in my shop to develop tone and response to a significant degree."
—Michael Lewis, luthier

3rd Generation models are the newest and most advanced ToneRite:

  • New electronics for finer control of intensity and harmonic content
  • More efficient, better fitting Elastone feet
  • Can be used on steel or nylon string acoustics, archtops and hollowbody guitars

ToneRite fits between the strings of a steel-string, archtop, classical or acoustic bass guitar (up to 2-5/32" / 55mm string spread) and rests against the bridge. The special Elastone feet are designed to safely and quietly maximize energy transfer to the instrument. The intensity of vibration can be controlled by a convenient dial on the power cord.

The manufacturer recommends an initial usage of 72-144 hours. It will be the first step in achieving your instrument's top potential. Subsequent treatments will be required to maintain and further develop your instrument. The ToneRite is not designed to make a poor instrument great, it is simply designed to bring out the best in an instrument. Your instrument will retain its individual character, with enhanced balanced tone and playability.

Domestic model is a 110-volt AC electrical appliance, 60Hz. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

International model is a 220-volt AC electrical appliance, 50Hz. It has an international plug Type C (Europlug) with two round prongs, ungrounded.

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ToneRite for Guitar

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Tonerite for Guitar

By Bad Pete from Salt Lake City, Utah
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, April 06, 2014

There is much debate about whether this device actually works, and I cannot put forth any scientific evidence to answer the question. My subjective opinion is that after a 7 day session, my nearly new Martin HD-35 does seem louder and richer. I think there has been some loss of the improvement over time; the Tonerite manufacturer states that this is likely, and suggests repeat "treatments." My "treatment protocol" involved keeping the guitar at 40% humidity, 75 degree F, while the Tonerite was operating, and then keeping the guitar in a humidified case, when not in use. I changed the strings after the "treatment." My hypothesis is that tonal change occurs due to rearrangement of hydrogen bonds within the cellulose and protein matrix of the guitar's wooden components, and that this change will be enhanced in a warm, (not hot!!!!!) moist environment. It also makes sense that such changes would be temporary. Obviously this statement is conjectural, and should not be construed as fact. For the record, I am not a chemist, and have no financial interest in Tonerite or Stew-Mac. I am an amateur guitarist of very modest ability. A sound engineer should be able to objectively test this device for efficacy, and I wish someone would do this.

Tone-Rite Didn't Disappoint

By ChrisB from NV
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, March 27, 2014

I recently got a new 00-size Adirondack-topped guitar, with the understanding that it might be a little stiff and slower than Sitka to open up. I'd never used a Tone-Rite before, but have had one on the guitar at full-bore setting nearly every night for the past three weeks (maybe 240 hrs total) and the results so far have been impressive. While I couldn't quantify the changes, this little guitar has a great big voice now. During the day, I also run the ToneRite on a newish Weissenborn-style that doesn't get used much, but I haven't noticed any change at all so far.

Time will tell, but it helps.

By Toto Salvati from Foggia, Italy
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 13, 2013

I have been intensively using ToneRite on my electric guitars although this product in more intended for acoustics and hollowbodies (I am currently testing it on a hollowbody). Sure it makes the guitar woods vibrate and resonate from body to headstock and in the long term it might help natural sustain on an electric guitar. It is quite silent (but that depends on your guitar once mounted) and it comes in a wonderful pack. In over one month of aternate use on electic guitars (one week session each) I haven't yet noticed significat changes in sound, overall tone and "playability" as advertised on the manual so far, but I am confident it will actually achieve some longer-term results. If you are going to use this device on your electric guitar, you will probably need to temporary lower your bridge PU to mount it. The shipping of this product by Stewmac was incredibly fast! Thank you guys! Toto

ToneRite is right

By Real chartrand from Canada
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, February 09, 2013

I was a little sceptic but my new Yamaha TSX36 ARE now sounds like a vintage guitar in only 1 week. This is an excelent product.

works great!

By ottovonbismark from La Grange, TX
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, November 25, 2012

I used it on two almost new guitars - a Martin Custom HD28V and a Rickenbacker 650C. The change in tone was evident after 48 hours or so on the Martin - much richer and fuller. A little hard to tell with the electric Ric, but I guess that's to be expected. I haven't been able to play either much since getting them due to a nasty puncture wound on my left hand, so getting them broken in while I recover is a real treat. Almost too easy to use - I'd recommend a room that's noise isolated from your living areas when using on an acoustic guitar as it's quite audible when in use unless at the lowest setting. Wouldn't want to sleep in the same room! Otherwise a "why didn't I think of this" invention that's just too cool.

It works!

By Chau Chiem from Sydney, Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, November 04, 2012

Must have piece of equipment for any guitarist who wants a better sounding guitar.

I was sceptical at first, but curiosity took the better of me and i decided to try it out.

I have been running it for about 120+ hours with no technical problems since I got it, whenever i'm not playing the guitar i'll put the TR on it. I also mix the power setting from low-med-high with excellent results.

My guitar is an Eastman E10-OM. IÆve had it for about 1.5 years and was contemplating upgrading this guitar as its sound isnÆt too great, kind of flat, didnÆt ring or sustain as much as IÆd liked it to. It sounded ok with new strings on it, but went dull pretty quick once the strings got old.
After TR treatment (at least 70hrs on high) I started to notice more volume and sustain, like its reverb knob had been turned up a couple of notches.
Then after another 70hrs, with low-medium settings it started to ring with rich harmonics and overtones, very responsive to the pick or fingers.

IÆve noticed the body vibrates A LOT more now when played, especially the top and headstock (I never knew the headstock could vibrate like that!), vibrations that I have never felt before prior to TR. These new vibrations results in more volume, more sustain, more harmonics, more overtones, more of pretty much everything in a good way.

I have had no issues with the nut, saddle or bridge as a result of TR treatment.

Only catch IÆve noticed is the strings do tend to wear out quickly if you have it running on the high setting for long periods. What I tend to do now is just have it on low-med, then once IÆm ready for a string change, IÆll have it on high for about a week to really wear the strings out. Then, swap over new strings and switch back to low-med until the next string change.

If lost or damaged, I would get another one without hesitation, a must have for me.


By robin hopkinson from Buckinghamshire
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, July 13, 2012

You have some accoustic guitars you love to play? you have to have one of these. Livens up the instruments response + helps bring out the volume/ tone - It works on my Martin D18ge + Custom Bourgeois Braz' slope dread...they're getting better!

ToneRite is...Good

By Pete Dickson from Dallas
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, May 28, 2012

Stew Mac shipped this baby so promptly I might have missed it if I had blinked. The jury is still out on the giz itself. I believe I can tell a difference after the minimum 3-day treatment, but it may also be wishful thinking on my part. I was disappointed to read, deep in the instructions, that the benefits wear off if you don't re-treat the instrument. I'm going to keep at it. The giz is not loud or intrustive, so, why not?


By Kari Nieminen, Versoul Guitars from Finland
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lately I got a ToneRite "Play-In Simulator". First I was quite sceptic of the results. It is recommended to use at least 72 hours though I used it 5 days on Versoul Swan Jazz Guitar, included here and also on Buxom Minor 6 String 12 Frets to Body Model. However I was quite impressed of the results since both guitars already have excellent tone, though both are quite new and not much played. The overall sound was improved indeed! The sound was more open and more dymanic! Each Versoul Acoustic will be "played-in" after this for sure!


By John TheAntique from UK
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, January 21, 2012

I plugged it onto my rebuilt 1954 Southern Jumbo ( new top, fretboard, bridge and finish )for 72 hours at the full setting and then gave it another 8 for luck. With trepidation I picked it up and strummed it. Gobsmacked- absolutly no change whatsoever, still sounded like a brand new constipated guitar, what a disappointment, what a waste of money. In desparation I stuck it back on again at the lowest setting for another 30 hours. Picked it up, strummed it and ------ GOBSMACKED,it sang it far exceeded all my expectations. Don't give up folks it works. Fantastic./

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