Peterson StroboClip Tuner

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Strobe tuning precision, right on your instrument!

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Peterson StroboClip Tuner

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Strobe tuning precision, right on your instrument!

Since the 1960s, Peterson strobe tuners have been the gold standard for professional musicians and instrument makers. The new StroboClip™ packs many of the features of Peterson's larger models into the world's first compact clip-on digital strobe tuner.

Patented Virtual Strobe™ technology brings an array of preset "sweetened" tunings for acoustic instruments, those subtle adjustments to equal temperament that make notes sound more harmonious anywhere on the fingerboard. You get 29 tuning modes in all, for practically any stringed instrument; for brass, woodwinds and pipes; for the Buzz Feiten System, AND user-calibration for overdubbing or playing along with hard-to-tune instruments such as pianos.

The StroboClip requires no wires or mics: all of that tuning precision—down to 1/1000 semitone—is available right on your instrument, at the touch of a button, on a bright, easy-to-read high-definition digital display. You could never hope to achieve this level of tuning ease and versatility by ear on a dark noisy stage!

Simply clip it onto the headstock—a sensitive piezo element in the spring-loaded clip picks up direct vibrations, unaffected by surrounding sounds. Peterson's exclusive Sustain Mode allows prolonged note viewing time for instruments with short sustain too, such as banjos.

Padded contact surfaces and a swiveling lower jaw on the spring clip help protect your instrument. The brushed-aluminum display housing swivels in three dimensions, so you'll always have a clear view. Even the storage case is impressive, a roadworthy compact metal container with form-fitted padding to protect the StroboClip when not in use. Auto sleep and power-off help conserve battery life.

Tuning range: C0 to B6
Concert pitch range: 400-490Hz
CR2032 coin cell battery included.

Preset/sweetened tunings included:
Acoustic guitar (4)
Bass guitar
12-string guitar (2)
Buzz Feiten System (3)
Resonator guitar (2)
Acoustic lap steel (2)
Mandolin family
Violin family (3)
Highland bagpipes
Uillean pipes
Maqamat Eastern temperaments (3)

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Peterson StroboClip Tuner

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Never sounded sweeter.

By Jocko from Scotland
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excellent tuner. My guitars have never sounded sweeter.

Amazing Tuner

By Ricks Guitars from Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've been playing, repairing and setting up guitars for 20 years now. I still can't believe how much better any guitar sounds after tuning up with the sweetened tuning. My guitars sing like never before, get yourself one of these.


By Excelente from Eunapolis, BA, Brasil
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, April 11, 2011

Recebi da Stewmac muito rßpido. O produto T leve, prßtico e muito preciso. Muito fßcil de usar. Gostei. Recomendo.

The "Must Have" bit of kit, Period!!

By Birko from Land Down Under
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, December 18, 2010

As a performer and part - time repairer of about 15 yrs, I have had my fair share of tuners. After years of stomps in dodgy loop paths or dubiously balanced on top of my tilted amps, finally decided to try a clip on. Tried out a few offerings, some from highly respected brands b/f having a punt on this. I have never experienced a more accurate tuner in my life. When checking my old intonation setups with this I found that I was up to 5 hz out!! No wonder they were so hit and miss.

The sweetening temperings quickly make my guitars sing in a way that my previous tweakings could only rarely achieve. Great to use on stage. This little guy is the go - Buy It !!

Ps: Fast delivery. Got it at a fraction of the cost I could get it here in oz, cheers :0)

Peterson again!

By Balazs Tarnai from Hungary
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, November 22, 2010

I have been using a Peterson Strobostomp for a couple of years, but needed an equally accurate clip-on device, so that I wouldn't have to carry around the stomp when I just wanted to go "light" with my acoustic guitar. I got it!

Equally accurate thanks to the same "strobo method" of tuning, folds nicely in the box inside the guitar case, very sensitive yet isolated enough(I frequently tune-up with it sitting right next to a drummer playing), rugged, easy to operate, visible in any conditions. You can safely rely on it to substitute for ear tuning in noisy, live situations.
It is really worth the money spent!
Thanks Stewmac!

Best clip on tuner I've ever used or owned!

By Loon Ranger from Holmdel, NJ
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, October 18, 2010

The new Peterson StroboClip is by far the Best clip on tuner I've ever used or owned! Despite the fact that it was backordered for months, it certainly was well worth the wait!

First of all, it comes immaculately packaged in an cool aluminum box. The clip itself is great in that it literally can be tilted and angled into just about every conceivable position you will need to be able to see the display clearly.

I already own the Strobo Flip, and the Strobo Clip is just as accurate as the larger home unit.

Most incredibly, this little unit has Sweetened tunings for even MORE instruments than the StroboFlip--including Ukulele, Mandolin, etc!

Overall, I don't believe you can go wrong with this amazing clip...I'm going to order a 2nd one as a backup and an extra to give to my friends as a gift!!

I'm giving my other electronic tuner away

By Greg from Columbia, SC
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, October 02, 2010

This thing has spoiled me now with perfect tuning. I had seen my local luthier/repairman using the $200 version in his shop for setting intonation, and when I saw that Stew Mac had this one, I had to have it. It's easy to learn to use, and really makes the difference--and to have this ability in a clip-on version is heaven. With my other clip-on tuner, I could finish tuning and then would have to tweak it further using my ears--not now. Thank you Stew Mac!

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