D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

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D'Addario and designer Ned Steinberger present an ingenious electronic micro tuner that attaches to the rear of the peghead, for your eyes only.

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D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

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D'Addario: Introducing the NS Micro Tuner

At a stealthy 1.25 inches, it's the best performance they'll never see.

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D'Addario and designer Ned Steinberger present an ingenious electronic micro tuner that attaches to the rear of the peghead, for your eyes only.

New smaller size, faster response and visual metronome!

Keep your audience focused on your music, not on the glowing light of your clip-on tuner.
No wires, no mics: the piezo element senses direct vibrations, unaffected by surrounding sounds. A great all-around solution for fast, accurate tuning on stage. Great price, too!

"Many standard clip tuners don't fit all the way onto a Tele headstock, and are a tight fit on a Strat. The clamp actually ends up hitting the high E tuning machine bushing. This little tuner can be clipped onto the headstock and left there while in its case. I think many regular clip tuners look silly on the headstock, so the fact that this one is "hidden" is a plus for me."
—Casey Davis, guitarist

The NS tuner works equally well on right or left-hand pegheads. 360-degree swivel adjustment gives you a good view of the backlit LCD readout: red for out-of-tune, green for in-tune. The NS tuner is accurate to within two cents, with improved calibration that's adjustable from 410-480Hz, with A440 default. A visual metronome has been added, too — great for practice!

The NS tuner is featherweight, compact and low profile. There's no acoustic damping when it's clamped in place, and it's small enough to leave on your instrument in the case—a real convenience. The slim ratcheting clamp is padded to help protect the peghead finish.

CR2032 3-volt lithium coin cell battery included. Auto shutoff helps conserve battery life.

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D'Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

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Great little tuner.

By BWH from NY
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, February 09, 2014

I really like this little gem. It doesn't jump around like alot of tuners.I also like that I can leave it on in the case.Makes it less likely to get lost.

Good, but Slow

By Xtobot from Edmonton, AB
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, February 01, 2014

I quite enjoy the size, it is great, but the response is very slow in comparison to other such products. It's great for a portable guitar setup, but too slow for a live / practice setting.

Too small a display for my aging eyes

By PeteA from Gorham Maine
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The tuner works well but the display is tiny and hard to see

Planet Waves Micro Tuner

By Ron W from New Zealand
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, November 04, 2013

A brilliant tuner, fits perfectly on the peg head of my Telecaster and it can stay on the guitar when it's in the guitar case. Easy to read and use, no more playing around with plugging in leads into my old Korg tuner and plugging into my guitar. Highly recommended.

Best Tuner for Head Stock!

By Rui Monte Da Silva from Dubai
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, October 03, 2013

Prior to the PW NS mini i tried various head stock tuners. This is the best one. Very tiny size, perfect fit for any headstock, precise tuning, backlit LCD is bright. Reasonable price. I love this tuner.

Great Little Tool!

By Joe H. from Newport, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Friday, August 09, 2013

I absolutely love the Planet Waves NS Mini! Great little tuner and at a very reasonable price too!

Nice, but.....

By Dr. Bill Miller from St. Louis, MO
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This tuner is accurate and small, but the jaws are not quite wide enough for any of my acoustic guitars. It works fine on my Telecaster, but barely clings to the acoustic ionstruments. It was quite accurate when measured agaist a Peterson strobe-type.

Little wonder

By teza from London
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, July 13, 2013

Honestly, your mini headstock tuner, is just a little wonder, perfect fit on my loving Telly, just there any times I need it. Will buy again for sure.

Stewmac "You can't beat that".

By phil cose from Australia
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, July 08, 2013

I recently purchased a Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Tuner a perfect little tuner (a great gift for any guitarist) I live in Australia and received my purchase within 4 days and "You can't beat that" The NS mini headstock is compact and unobtrusive and easy to read in any environment.

Planet Wave Mini Tuner

By John from Beaumont, CA 
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, June 23, 2013

I like this NS Mini Tuner better than many of the other headstock tuners I've tried. The display graphics are better and easier to read. The tuner is precise and compact and does not protrude from the headstock. I can leave it on the guitar at all times, even when the guitar is in the case.

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