5th String Capo Spikes, Package of 15

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5th String Capo Spikes, Package of 15

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5th String Capo Spikes, Package of 15

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The "original" 5th string capos! These model railroad spikes have become a simple and popular way to capo the 5th string on your banjo.

For players who prefer not to retune the string or who don't want to attach a sliding capo onto the side of the neck. A spike can also be installed behind the 5th fret to serve in place of a 5th string nut.

Install a capo spike low enough to prevent string buzz over the fret, while letting you slip the string in and out for quick key changes. Hammering a spike into the fingerboard can bend the spike or split the wood. Our tapered router bit is recommended for installation.

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Setting up a banjo's 5th string: nut, capos and peg

Todd Sams shows how he sets up a banjo 5th string using railroad spikes, a block of wood, and a camless clamp.

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Model railway spike

(Customer's Reviews)

Bought the Stew mac tapered bits, drilled the hole, cut a bit of length off the spike head, put super glue on the tip ,hammered it down 'till the head landed onto a .014"-.015" feeler gauge, then rounded the head with a Stew-mac diamond file, and did some final polishing of the head. Now feels smooth -Like a tiny fret. Nothing wrong with these!


Good but

(Customer's Reviews)

These are good for eliminating the need for a 5th string capo but, be aware that unless they are installed to precision they will cause string bending and you will have to re-tune your 5th string. There is also a possibility of catching your finger on them if you slide it on the 4th string especially if you have big fingers like mine.


Capo Spikes

(Customer's Reviews)

Perfect! Quality of spike makes instillation easy. Remember to use tapered router (as recommended by SM) to start insertion.

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