Pocket Truss Rod Wrenches

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Pocket Truss Rod Wrenches For 1/4" nut

For 1/4" nut

Item # 6104
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Pocket Truss Rod Wrenches For 9/32" nut

For 9/32" nut

Item # 6105
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Pocket Truss Rod Wrenches For 5/16" Gibson nut

For 5/16" Gibson nut

Item # 6106
In stock, ready to ship!


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Pocket Truss Rod Wrenches

Pocket-size steel hex wrenches that fit in your guitar case. The 1-1/8" (28.58mm) socket is tapered to fit into recessed truss rod access cavities.

For 5/16" Gibson and other hex truss rod nut sizes.

Our veteran guitar technicians developed these high quality steel truss rod wrenches for the repair shop. The length, durability, and variety of sizes let you perform truss rod adjustments efficiently.

Not all truss rod cavities are the same width. Make sure the wrench will fit your cavity by comparing the outer diameter of the wrench barrel to your guitar.

Wrench Outer diameter
#6104 For 1/4" nut 0.385" (9.78mm)
#6105 For 9/32" nut 0.405" (10.29mm)
#6106 For 5/16" nut 0.436" (11.07mm)

These tools are available in our money-saving Truss Rod Wrench Set.

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Won't fit!!!!

(Customer's Reviews)

If you have an Ibanez S-Classic, it won't work. the cute cone shape of the tool sure looks pretty but makes it too long.



(Customer's Reviews)

Maybe you need just 1 now, but over time with other instruments showing up at your door it's best to be prepared with all 3 sizes. These wrenches are small enough to fit in your instrument case storage compartment and are of good quality. For other types of Truss rods look into getting the T-handle allen wrench set and the long shaft straight blade screw-driver. Not all truss rods are created equally.


Great purchase, might be a little too big for some truss rod access holes

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought these little things and thoroughly enjoyed them! I however just recently came upon a Jackson guitar with a small recessed truss rod nut access hole, these wrenches were too big for the hole so I spent a few minutes grinding the face shorter and got rid of the little nub on the back, polished it up so it didn't scratch anything and it fit perfectly! Great product though, just wish they would've been a bit smaller like the ones Gibson provides with their guitars.

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