ShopStand and Guitar Repair Vise Set

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ShopStand and Guitar Repair Vise Set

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ShopStand and Guitar Repair Vise Set

About This Item

Much more versatile than your workbench! This combo is a great way to hold a guitar neck or body, or most other repair work.

Each of the following items are available separately, or you can SAVE when you buy them as a set.

Guitar Repair Vise has 360-degree sure-grip urethane-lined swiveling jaws and its own swivel mount. Also sold separately

ShopStand is a swiveling, height-adjustable column to hold quick-change jigs and fixtures. You can move completely around the job in progress, for faster, easier access without reclamping. Also sold separately

This set includes an adapter bolt to attach to the Guitar Repair Vise to the ShopStand. Also sold separately

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Great vise.

(Customer's Reviews)

A great vise that's super versatile and won't harm what its holding. The pedestal makes it even better.


My vise

(Customer's Reviews)

Very well made vise. Heavy materials and definitely needs bolted down to surface. Handy in several positions.


This is a gotta have tool.

(Customer's Reviews)

This is the must useful vice in the shop. It will hold an acoustic body for vertical work, electric, neck, whatever you need to hold, this will do it! On the shopstand, it allows me to rotate the guitar to whatever angle I need. This is truly a great vice.

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