Nut and Saddle Vise

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A better way to hold nuts and saddles for easier, faster shaping.

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Nut and Saddle Vise

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Nut and Saddle Vise

A StewMac exclusive. You'll appreciate the specially-shaped jaws.

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A better way to hold nuts and saddles for easier, faster shaping.

Sure, most of us already have a shop vise. And for a long time, you've probably used yours to hold nuts and saddles for filing and shaping. But you've also noticed that your vise jaws get in the way when you're trying to file the top of that nut or saddle, so you're constantly repositioning the work in the jaws.

We considered the problem and designed a special vise that gives you the clearance you need for an easier and more efficient job.

The custom jaws are extra tall, with steep angles for easier access to your work. The end of the vise is beveled for extra relief, too. The 2"-wide steel jaws are hardened for durability and specially undercut to stay parallel under pressure, holding the nut or saddle uniformly without slippage.

For other jobs, the jaws open to 2-7/16", making it versatile for gripping all kinds of small work. This is a well-made, heavy little portable steel vise with a 2" x 5-5/8" footprint; you can clamp it to the edge of your workbench, or into your larger shop vise.

The Nut and Saddle Vise is included in the Essential Nut Making Tool Kit, which has all the basic tools you'll need for shaping, string-spacing, slotting and fitting string nuts like a pro.

Product Instructions

Making a Nut, Step-by-Step

Dan Erlewine, of Stewart-MacDonald's R&D Team, walks you through making and installing a new nut.

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Nut and Saddle Vise

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This works well!

By Mike Tonn from Orient Ohio
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When it comes to saddles and nuts this vise is incredibly handy. As with most things, I find myself using it for other stuff too.


By Carlos Giron from Ny
(Customer's Reviews) Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You Need, This, please buy This!!!

Great for nuts and saddles

By All-Strings Instrument Service from IL
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well built little vise. Perfect for holding onto nuts and saddles for shaping and sanding.

Very Useful little tool

By StevieB from Essex, England
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, August 25, 2013

Had this for some time now and it has been an excellent addition to the tool box. It is invaluable in the making of nuts as it allows one to cut and file bone far more accurately then on a conventional vice. I've also used it to cut and shape saddles and shape fret inlays. Build quality is fine and up to the job, comes apart easily for cleaning and lubrication. I would recommend this vice to anyone.

Good tool

By Timothy Charron from Hudson, NH
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The vise works as described. The only problem I had was with the fit and finish of the the jaws. They did not align properly. They were about 1/16" off. I contacted Stewmac with this and a few other small issues. They did offer to take it back and look for one with a closer tolerance. I decided I would just file the jaws even. The one in the picture on the website looks very well fitted lol mine is very poorly done it works but will not win any beauty contests for sure. That said I have been using it and like it for its function.

Great Vise

By Ross from Indiana
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I was reluctant to get this vise. Buying tools is always a big decision and I don't need another tool that I use rarely or one that does NOT perform as advertised. I expect my tools to earn their keep. I suddenly found myself swamped with nut jobs and that pushed me to make the decision to buy this little gem. Wow! What a time saver! I found I could rough in all the nuts quickly, mark the string spacing and get each slot started then install the nut and quickly get the nut to depth for each string. Now I wish I had bought this little vise a lot sooner, This tool definitely has earned it's keep.

Great value

By KScott from Chandler, AZ
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, May 16, 2013

If you make your own nuts, this is a wise investment. The right tool means less frustration and better results. Great value for the increased control over "budget" mini vises. I also use it to hold TOM bridges, pot prep, etc. Even my 13 yr old son is starting to practice nut making. You know a tool is good when it stays on your bench and not in your box.

Very useful for nuts and more

By Tai Fu from Taiwan
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, April 08, 2013

It works a lot better than trying to mount such small item onto a wooden block and using a belt sander (which of course creates a lot of opportunity for mistakes). This vise is also good for other things, like when a screw is too long and you need to cut it in half with a hacksaw.

Good quality

By Fleer from Imperial, Mo.
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Basic tool that should be on every luthiers bench

Get one! Heck, get two!

By Thom Abell-String Theory Guitar Rep from Mount Juliet, TN
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, January 20, 2013

I cannot imagine working on a saddle or nut without one of these. It's absolutely perfect for the job. Be VERY careful if you put one of these in the jaws of another vise too keep it from moving around like it's prone to do. Too much pressure will deform this vise.

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