Snapz Bridge Pin Puller

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Remove stubborn bridge pins fast and easy. No marring, no flyaway pins.

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Snapz Bridge Pin Puller

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Remove stubborn bridge pins fast and easy. No marring, no flyaway pins.

A handy little tool! Snap it onto the head of a stubborn bridge pin, slide the lock ring down for a firm grip, and simply pull up the pin. Fast and easy--no marring, no flyaway pins. Made of rugged ergonomically designed plastic. Get one for your workbench and one for your guitar case!

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Snapz Bridge Pin Puller

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Works Great!

By SurfCook1 from Longboat Key, FL
(Customer's Reviews) Sunday, June 01, 2014

Very nice little accessory to have in your case compartment or tool box. The Stew-Mac product description really nails it. I do feel that, for something of this size and weight, it's sturdy and quite well put together. Make sure you have the collar of this device pulled *all* the way up and placed directly over the pin to attach the device properly. As Mr. Reich states in his review, you may need to slightly "walk and snap" it a bit. Do it once and you'll have it down, though. I feel much better using this product as opposed to a pair of pliers/string cutters, etc. I'll, for sure, be getting more of these 'Snapz Bridge Pin Pullers' for backup and for friends. Mentioning that the Stew-Mac price was right and their delivery was super fast goes without saying (oops - just said it). Try one, you'll like it!

Maybe it could be better, but it works great!

By Todd Reich from California
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, April 24, 2014

The day I got this in the mail, I put it to use on a recent-model Martin with ebony bridge pins. I was expecting the separating arms of the device to be a bit more flexible, and at first assumed it would function by my pushing it straight down onto the pin, but immediately discovered I had to kind of "walk" the device onto the bridge pins, one side first. It snapped right onto the bridge pin and pulled out as smooth as you'd please, and didn't leave a mark on the pins or the bridge! By far, this is the best bridge pin removal device I've ever used. The only reason I knocked off a star is because I feel it could probably be made a bit sturdier, and I'd like to see if one could be made as effectively utilizing metal. However, that won't keep me from buying a couple more so I can keep one at every workplace, and in my mobile workstation. Usually I'm not too impressed with cheaper tools of this sort that seem geared more towards players than professional techs, but this one is a real winner.

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