Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper

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Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper Mighty Mini-Scraper with Cambered Blade

Mighty Mini-Scraper with Cambered Blade

Item # 0665
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Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper Cambered Replacement Blade

Cambered Replacement Blade

Item # 0666
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Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper Square Replacement Blade

Square Replacement Blade

Item # 0667
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Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper

About This Item

Solid carbide blade starts sharp, stays sharp
The Woodpecker Mighty Mini-Scraper excels at glue removal. The rugged carbide blade pops the toughest dried glue right off your work.

  • Solid carbide blade with 4 long-lasting edges
  • Unsurpassed glue removal, wet or dry
  • Gets into tight corners other scrapers and sandpaper can't reach
  • Cleans easily and won't rust

The standard blade's edges are ground with a slight camber to help prevent marring the wood surface. This camber lets you pinpoint your scraping to a thin line if necessary. An optional, perfectly square blade works great on instrument binding and gets into tight corners.

Produce a finish-quality cut by pulling the tool at a high angle. Use a pushing motion at a low angle for an aggressive, bulldozer-like cut. When one edge gets dull, simply loosen the screw and turn the blade to the next fresh edge.

The standard blade has cambered edges to prevent gouging the work. An optional square blade gets into square corners.

Comfortable 5-3/8" (137mm) polycarbonate handle with one 5/8" (16mm) cambered blade. The mini-size allows access where other scrapers can't fit.

"Works great for acoustic guitar bridge re-glues. Makes short work of dried glue on the bottom of the bridge, and creates a nice flat surface for fantastic bridge to top contact."—Elliot John-Conry, guitar repairman and StewMac R&D


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Handiest Tool for detailed glue clean-up !


Verified Buyer

This tool is one of the best tools for getting into the corners to clean up that fine squeeze out deep in the corners. Would truly recommend it!


so far, seems to work well.


Verified Buyer

Haven't had too many reasons to use it, but so far, it seems to be ok.


The answer to a prayer.........


Verified Buyer

The best mini scraper on the planet! This diminutive piece of kit is worth its weight in gold.

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