P-Bass Pickup Routing Template, For body cavity and pickguard cutout

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P-Bass Pickup Routing Template, For body cavity and pickguard cutout

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P-Bass Pickup Routing Template, For body cavity and pickguard cutout

About This Item

Transparent acrylic templates to rout for Precision Bass® pickup.

Laser-cut for precise edges: Our routing templates are laser-cut for smooth edged precision, and centerlines are laser-etched when needed for correct placement.

Our 3/16" (4.76mm) transparent acrylic templates ensure proper router placement on a guitar body or pickguard, eliminate guesswork and produce cleaner results. They can be positioned with countersunk screws or double-stick tape.

Carbide-tipped Ball-bearing Router Bits are preferred for use with our templates.

These single-coil templates are also included in our Pickup/Control Cavity Routing Template Set which has ALL of our Gibson and Fender pickup routing shapes plus control cavities.

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Will serve its purpose

(Customer's Reviews)

I bought this template along with the Mighty Mite P-Bass pickup for a project bass I am working on, using random, recycled parts. This template may work better for an official Fender pickup, I don't know. But, the MM pickup has squarer corners, so that I will have to chisel out sharper corners for the pickup to fit.
No biggie for me, as I will be doing a "distressed" fit and finish anyway!
But for $5 it is worth it , as I can position the pickup poles precisely under the strings at whatever angle required for my one-off project.
I am just going to mount the PU in the routed hole with the supplied foam and screws and call it a day. (Hint, if you do this type of job, use 2 sided tape to mount the template, and gently squeeze the template with padded clamps to set it. Remove tape promptly after routing. No screw holes needed for the template.Use the correct router bit, and be careful!)
So, All Right, Stew Mac!


Not even close

(Customer's Reviews)

I have pickup covers from 3 different suppliers - one from Fender and their Original P Bass pickups. They are all identical so I don't know what they used to make this template but I can't use it for a pickguard. Very disappointed.


I just don't know

(Customer's Reviews)

It looks ok for the body cavity, but I can't imagine how it could be used for the pickguard cutout, which is far more critical.

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