Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

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Neck Joint Routing Template For Fender

About This Item

For guitars and basses. Accurate template for Fender and guitars with bolt-on necks.

Dual-purpose: with patterns for both guitar and bass. Laser-cut acrylic with accurate centerline.

Use this template with our 1/2" Ball Bearing Router Bit to create a clean neck pocket for guitar or bass.

The template is slightly oversize to allow for variations in neck width and finish thickness. To rout a smaller neck pocket, reduce the template size by adding a few layers of binding tape. To learn more see instructions.

Note: both the guitar and bass routs are shaped for necks with radiused heels (Strat®, Jaguar, P-Bass®, J-Bass®). The guitar rout is not intended for use with Telecaster® necks (which have a square heel). Typical neck joint rout depth for a Fender® guitar or bass neck is 5/8".



Product Instructions

Fender Neck Joint Routing Template Instructions

How to rout a neck joint pocket using the Neck Joint Routing Template for Fender.

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Would be 5 stars if not oversized.

(Customer's Reviews)

I am not sure why they decided to make the neck pocket loose. I used the template for a bass pocket and the fit was loose. I saw the video and instructions and you have to add binder tape to the edge to make a standard Fender neck fit like it should. Otherwise it's great. If someone needs it to be looser, then they aren't using a standard Fender neck. Why support the small case where the neck is larger than standard?


Wrapping tape?

(Customer's Reviews)

I knew going in that the template is intentionally oversized. Still I thought wrapping with masking tape wouldn't be an issue but it kind of was. The problem is routers spin really fast and bearing or not they create a lot of friction. The result is the tape melted a bit on to the bit causing the router to dig in and chewed up the plastic on the template. The smart thing I should have done was use this to make a plywood templ te . Lesson learned.overall the template is good but next time I will make a plywood template and use that


Easy to use

(Customer's Reviews)

This is just the right thickness. With the use of a spacer on the first pass, it only takes three passes with a pattern router bit to couplet the neck joint. Nice addition to the shop.

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