Control Cavity Templates, Set of 2

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Control Cavity Templates, Set of 2

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Control Cavity Templates, Set of 2

About This Item

Rear control cavity and cutout set for our Control Cavity Cover Plate.

Transparent acrylic routing templates are laser-cut for smooth-edged precision. They ensure proper router placement on a guitar body, eliminate guesswork and produce cleaner results. We recommend ball-bearing router bits for best results.They can be positioned with countersunk screws or double-stick tape. 3/16" (4.76mm) thick.

Set of two templates: for the cavity in the body, and the recess shape for flush mounting the cover plate.

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Control Cavity

(Customer's Reviews)

These work really good if you are going with a stock plastic cover. If you are going to make your own cavity cover like I do, these don't do the job. It needs to be a 3 piece set up, It needs to have the template to make the cover. All my guitars I make are natural wood finished. I gave them to a friend of mine that builds who builds Les Paul archtops. He's very happy with them.


Does the job.

(Customer's Reviews)

These are good as a guide to make different templates that are thicker which will work better. just keep these for making the thicker ones. If you use these and your router bit bearing sticks it immediately melts the plastic ruining the Stew Mac Template. It happened to me!


whats the point

(Customer's Reviews)

You're supposed to use the cover template to make a very shallow route. But in order to do this you have to make a thicker template or shim it. Thats right, time wasted.

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