Guitar Screw Rescue Kit

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Guitar Screw Rescue Kit, Complete kit

Complete kit

Item # 1709
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Guitar Screw Rescue Kit Screw extractor only

Screw extractor only

Item # 1707
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Guitar Screw Rescue Kit Plug cutter only

Plug cutter only

Item # 1708
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Guitar Screw Rescue Kit 3/16" drill bit  only

3/16" drill bit only

Item # 4845
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Guitar Screw Rescue Kit Alignment guide only

Alignment guide only

Item # 1718
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Guitar Screw Rescue Kit

About This Item

An extractor and plug cutter that's small enough for guitar screws! A StewMac exclusive: you won't find a similar set in this small size anywhere else.

  • Extract damaged or broken tuner screws
  • Make uniformly-sized wooden plugs for plugging and redrilling
The complete kit includes:

Screw extractor
Our tubular steel screw extractor works with your drill. Hardened teeth bore around a broken tuner-mounting screw (3/32" maximum diameter) to capture and remove it.

Plug cutter
Use this custom tool in your drill press to make a 3/16"-diameter wooden plug, a perfect match to fill the hole made by the extractor or the drill bit.

3/16" drill bit
To repair stripped screw holes, use this steel twist bit to match your plugs.

Alignment guide
Clamp this clear acrylic guide in place to help keep your tools right on center, and protect the instrument.



Product Instructions

Guitar Screw Rescue Kit Instructions

How to use the Guitar Screw Rescue Kit to remove small damaged screws.

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Half good!

(Customer's Reviews)

The screw extractor was just what the doctor order. The guide was great was well. The plug-cutter only succeeded in make saw-dust. I tried it with both a piece of maple and a piece of cherry and both just crumbled in the bit. Thankfully, the plug that needed fixed was of a standard size, so a maple dowel rod did the trick.


Great for the Shop

(Customer's Reviews)

Our tech is extremely pleased.


Need more sizes around!!!

(Customer's Reviews)

Really easy to use. Perfect results. I just wonder why nobody else thought about it! I'd love to have another one 6 millimeter diameter around.

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