Binding Router Bit

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For cutting precise binding ledges with our Binding Router Bearings. Carbide-tipped for long-life sharpness.

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Binding Router Bit

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For cutting precise binding ledges with our Binding Router Bearings. Carbide-tipped for long-life sharpness.

Our binding router bit has a 1/4" arbor to fit your shop router. 6-degree cutting edge downshear prevents grabbing on climb cuts, for cleaner results. The bit has an Allen screw with wrench for installing our Binding Router Bearings—choose from a wide selection of depth-of-cut sizes for practically any binding job. A special extension bushing is also supplied for routing "stairstepped" multiple binding ledges.

This bit is included with a selection of depth-of-cut bearings in our money-saving Binding Router Bit Set.

Router bit dimensions
Cutter diameter.925" (23.50mm)
Cutting height without bearing.375" (9.52mm)
Arbor shank diameter.25" (6.35mm)

Product Instructions

Using the Binding Router Bit and Bearings

Tips for routing binding ledges using the Binding Router Bit and Bearings, including how to choose the correct bearing, hand routing and using router tables.

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Binding Router Bit

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Works for a limited time

By \N from \N
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, January 19, 2015

This bit worked well until about the 8th instrument. On my last instrument, about the 11th, using this bit, I had some serious issues with tear out unlike anything I've had, and I always route my channels incrementally, so I don't take all the material off in one pass. Upon inspection of the bit, I noticed that it was completely dulled, with chunks missing from the blades, and now I'm having to replace it. seems a bit expensive for something you have to replace regularly.

Router bits & bearings work great!

By Cannonball from Saratoga, NY
(Customer's Reviews) Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everything works as advertised, bits are sharp and neatly cut the work, even with someone who's new to using a hand held router (Bosch Colt). Bearing diameters are precise. After flush cutting, make sure to do your climb cuts first! Build on....!

Used it for the first time.

By Dan Vines from Aberdeen, Washington
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I built my own binding machine using an old drill press stand for the column. It ain't pretty but thanks to the Stewmac Binding Router Bit and bearing, it worked great!

Makes a tough job much easier...

By Greg G. from Coldwater, MI
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This bit & bearing make an extremely daunting task much easier to accomplish. Cuts a really clean channel that the binding can snuggle into..

Binding Router Bit

By Spot's Dad from Kentucky
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, June 29, 2013

I thought this bit was a above my budget, until I tried it out! Practice on scrap wood first! Then when working on the guitar, make several Shallow cuts instead of one deep one. I had never used a router before, but with a Laminate Trim Router and this bit and bearing, I had a Perfect binding channel in under 5 minutes! I had purchased several inexpensive Tele bodies on e-Bay just to practice on, as I ruined one while using a Dremel tool to route a channel. The Dremel cannot navigate the sharp turns at the upper bout of a Telecaster. As you can see in the photo, no burn marks, no bearing marks. Take your time and still be done in 5 min. Ready to sand and finish. After buying this bit, NO Telecaster will be "plain" in my shop again! I can see some great part-time money coming in, thanks to Stew Mac and this bit! Great Quality Stew Mac! Super Fast Shipping Too !


By AlessandroT from Verona
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, June 10, 2013

Fast shipping (5 days to Italy with DHL Express) and excellent products.


By Jed from Raleigh, NC
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I used the bit with bearing guide on my router table and was able to route both sides of my Tele body for a binding in less than ten minutes. Clean, precise and super-easy. Take you time setting and testing the height and the rest is easy.

Binding Router Bit

By J.C. Moranville from Colorado
(Customer's Reviews) Wednesday, March 20, 2013

You need one of these. In a proper router set up, they are great. The bits can be cleaned in acetone to remove wood resins and cleaned after each routing job

Great bit...

By DAB Custom Guitars from Pa
(Customer's Reviews) Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not that I really do much binding compared to the amount of guitars I build without binding, but its no different than the other bits, well made and stay sharp for a pretty long time. No better or worse than any other quality router bit. They all get dull eventually and then you have to get another one...

Watch those fingers!

By Little Crow from Atlanta, GA
(Customer's Reviews) Monday, June 18, 2012

This router bit is one of the nicest you can buy anywhere. It is extremely sharp and well made (be careful removing the covering from it!). It cuts a very clean channel and does so in one pass when paired with a good router and steady hand.

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