Rear Peghole Reamer

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Rear Peghole Reamer

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Rear Peghole Reamer

About This Item

Counterbores the back of a 5/16"-diameter peghole to fit a Grover, Schaller or Gotoh sealed gear housing.

For Grover, Schaller and Gotoh sealed tuners!
Here's a tip from our luthier friend Bryan Galloup: Grover, Schaller and Gotoh tuners with threaded bushings should be installed in counterbored pegholes. A snug 5/16" diameter at the top of the hole stops the bushing from leaning under string pull, thus helping to protect the lacquer finish around the bushing washers. At Bryan's suggestion, we developed this special slow-speed steel reamer that accurately counterbores the bottom of the peghole to fit the gear housing.

The reamer has a .310"-diameter (7.87mm) pilot and two flutes that cut a .397"-diameter (10.08mm) counterbore in a 5/16"-diameter (7.94mm) peghole. When the reamer's piloted end is flush with the face of the peghead, the correct counterbore depth has been reamed.

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Joy to use

(Customer's Reviews)

An excellent little piece of kit. Fast, easy to use and a nice clean cut.


Works great!

(Customer's Reviews)

I used this reamer in my drill press on the lowest speed. It worked great! It automatically reams the correct depth. Just send it through until it stops. Easy!


Worth every dollar and much more

(Customer's Reviews)

This reamer is amazing, it's the most accurate tool for the job. Haven't slept for a few days knowing that I have to drill the headstock of a new Les Paul custom shop to fit Grovers... all those stories about cracked headstocks... a nightmare!!!
Finally the reamer arrived and in 2 minutes - JOB DONE!!!
The tuners fit perfectly in the holes!!! Thank you Stewmac!!!!
Gonna have a good night sleep today!!!

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