StewMac Fret Cutter

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StewMac Fret Cutter

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StewMac Fret Cutter

About This Item

Spend less time filing fret ends!
This is the best tool for trimming the ends off fretwire.

A Stewart-MacDonald exclusive, our custom-made steel cutter has improved features you won't find on hardware store nippers.

The jaws are specially hardened for fret work, and they're profiled and flush-ground to cut the wire close to the fretboard. The result is a cleaner cut without pulling the wire, so you'll need to do less filing. Longer rubber-coated handles allow better access to the frets over a guitar body.

1" (25.4mm) jaw width, 8" (203.20mm) length.

Essential for Fretting
This item is 1 of the 7 tools included in our Essential Fretting Tool Set, a compilation of tools you'll need for the fundamentals of fret work. The set also includes our book, Fret Work Step-By-Step by Erick Coleman with Dan Erlewine.


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Works Extremely Well

(Customer's Reviews)

This tool works exactly like the demo video - it leaves a very clean cut and is very easy to use.


Sturdy, steady, go!

(Customer's Reviews)

Quite substancial, this pair of cutters provide enough comfort with its long rubbered handles, great flush cutting, and works nicely as a flush cutter for dowels and pins, in other applications. Not recommended for ss frets though. Mind you, you CAN use it on stainless steel 2-3 times, if one half of its cutting surface is only used for ss, while the other one is clean, for normal fretwire.


Dont use with Jescar EVO

(Customer's Reviews)

Bought these cutters to do a refret on a 78' Tokai Springy Sound and decided to purchase Jescars EVO 55-90.. Hardness is in between nickel and SS, and these cutter faces are a mess after I finished that 1 job.. Thankfully Stew Mac again with their top notch customer service credited me for them, but they need to have the faces hardened better than what they are..

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