The Otter Compact Router Table

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The Otter Compact Router Table

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The Otter Compact Router Table

About This Item

A compact router table for shaping and leveling small parts
From the inventor of the Luthier's Friend Sanding Station™ comes a small, portable router table that can be clamped quickly to your workbench and easily stored when not in use.

Cut, rout, shape, joint, plane, and duplicate
Use The Otter™ as a stationary router table or flip it over and use it as a handheld router. Router sold separately.

As a router table
Features a fence with two working surfaces: one side is straight for traditional routing. The other side of the fence is offset and allows you to use your router as a jointer. The fence is easily removable.

As a traditional handheld router
Attach the two runners to the bottom of the table and use The Otter™ as a handheld router. The runners straddle your project and allow you to machine a fingerboard or veneer flat. The extra handle allows two-handed routing, giving you better control.

Normal table routing
Use The Otter™ with the large cutaway side of the fence facing you for normal table routing. The fence can be easily removed for pattern routing.

Pattern routing
Make a template and use a guide bushing or flush trim router bit to duplicate parts. With a flush-trim bit, you can often use the old part as a template.

Edge jointing
Flip the fence around so the small cutaway side is facing you for jointing operations. The fixed outfeed fence removes 1/16" with each pass until the edge you are jointing is straight.

Built in dust collection
The Otter™ comes with two different attachments that attach to any vacuum hose, keeping your work clean and free of debris. Dan Erlewine says it's some of the best dust collection he's seen.

    The Otter™ Compact Routing Table includes:
  • Plastic router table
  • Double-sided removable fence for pattern and table routing
  • 2 removable 5/8" rails for handheld routing
  • Dust collection assembly with 2 attachments and adapter
  • Handle
  • Centering plug

Designed to fit the Bosch Colt Router, but adaptable for other models. Router not included.

Router table dimensions:
8" x 10" x 0.260" (203mm x 254mm x 6.60mm)

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Patching a hole in a 1953 Telecaster

This is an original 1953 Telecaster that someone routed holes in. Looks like it was modified to hold a Bigsby vibrato. Dan Erlewine replaces the missing wood with a darned good match so this guitar can go back on the vintage market.

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Used looking as well....


Verified Buyer

I bought mine when they first came out... Mine looked used as well.... I Blocked sanded the scratches on the top and its OK now, also it has a Bow in the Table..Heat from shipping??


extremely versatile


In the short time I've had it, I've used my Otter as a table router, an edge jointer, and as a hand held router. It has performed flawlessly for each task, and I highly recommend it.


cool but can be better 


Verified Buyer

I juste receive it right now and the first thing i can say , it looks like already used with a lot of scratches on , some of them really deep and there are some holes not finished. I have to redrill myself to put the screws inside . I think its a good tool but a bit expensive mostly when ordered from europe with all the shipping cost and tax.

this is the first time that i am a bit disappointed with StewMac stuff.

Response from StewMac

We are sorry to hear you were not happy with this tool upon initial inspection. The Otter has holes for a #8 screw but needs to be drilled out for larger screws. We aren't sure why the tool would have deep scratches on it and we would be happy to replace this for you at any time. Some minor scuffs may be visable due to the materials it is made of but nothing major. Please use the "Contact Us" link on the website and we would be happy to discuss this with you. - Spencer, Customer Support




people have been turning their routers upside down since the invention of the first router.

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