Neck Removal Jig

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Neck Removal Jig

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Neck Removal Jig

About This Item

Fast, clean dovetail neck joint disassembly! Pushes the neck out gradually and controllably.

Removing a traditional dovetail-jointed guitar neck from the body is tricky business! The Neck Removal Jig (inspired by luthier Bryan Galloup) applies gradual, properly aligned, and controlled pressure to the neck heel. It pushes the neck out, without unnecessary shock.

Made of sturdy cork-lined plywood and aluminum, it mounts over the shoulders of the acoustic guitar; waist clamps adjust to the instrument's contours. Important: Steam should be injected into the joint to soften the old glue, before and during neck removal, through small holes drilled down through the appropriate fret slot (see our Neck Joint Steamer and hose).

The fretboard extension should be loosened with heat and our removal knife. Instructions included.


Product Instructions

Guitar Neck Removal

The Neck Removal Jig applies gradual, controlled pressure for safely steaming the neck out of a dovetail joint.

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Great jig

(Customer's Reviews)

This is really necessary when doing resets. It's well made and thought out. It's pays for itself after one reset. A+


There must be a guitar god

(Customer's Reviews)

Undertook a rather difficult job on a good quality Japanese classical guitar. The neck had obviously come loose at some point and an incompetant repair had been attempted. Subsequent removal of the neck had been attempted prior to coming to me. I was about to give up in fear of ireparable damage. The neck jig was applied along with carefull heating and steaming over a few days. Tension on the neck via the jig was maintained and after three days the neck simple separated very quietly and without fuss or drama. Not even a scratch on the varnish. All was cleaned up and a successful reset performed. Without the neck jig I am doubtful this work would have been possible.


Great Jig

(Customer's Reviews)

I loved this thing it worked great, I did go and get some nylon wing nuts for less weight and faster on/off, but overall would have been tough without it.But as always a little high on price but lets be fair high on quality also.


Excellent equipment from StewMac. Once Again

(Customer's Reviews)

Received their neck jig and was amazed at the quality and value. It's perfect, Thanks StewMac.

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