MacRostie Binding Trimmer

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MacRostie Binding Trimmer, Complete with router and bit

Complete with router and bit

Item # 2401
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MacRostie Binding Trimmer Binding Trimmer only

Binding Trimmer only

Item # 2400
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MacRostie Binding Trimmer Bit only

Bit only

Item # 0698
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Bosch Colt Router

Bosch Colt Router

Item # 0489
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MacRostie Binding Trimmer

About This Item

Quick, easy and precise custom bindings!
The easiest way to custom-size wood or plastic bindings for a perfect fit!

Precisely duplicate the dimensions of older bindings for repair and restoration work, too. The MacRostie Binding Trimmer's precision dimensioning gauge and custom adjustable fence give you accurate, repeatable results. Your bindings will fit better, with tedious scraping and sanding virtually eliminated after they're glued in place.

"It's an invaluable tool for custom binding work. There's nothing else like it."
—Ken Fallon, guitar repairman and backline tech for the Rolling Stones

Order the MacRostie Binding Trimmer complete with bit and 1-hp. Bosch Colt router, or use your own shop router.

"I use this for my custom bindings, and wouldn't want to be without it. On vintage repairs, it lets me resize a new binding so it drops into the old slot perfectly." —Bryan Galloup, Galloup Guitars

The Binding Trimmer was developed and refined by Stewart-MacDonald's Don MacRostie. Vertical and horizontal spring-tension hold-downs tame flexible binding materials for trimming to as thin as 1/16" as you pull them through the bit. The sturdy plywood router base is drilled to fit the Bosch Colt router (you can easily redrill for your own shop router if desired.) Complete photo-illustrated setup instructions are included.

The durable carbide-tipped bit has a long 1/4" -diameter shank and 1/2" cutting height. (Note: If you already have our ball-bearing router bit, it will also work.)

The Bosch Colt Router is a 120-volt AC electrical appliance with a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded. For more specifications see the Bosch Colt Router.


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Homemade dust collector

Dan Erlewine's homemade dust collection system: Dan used to go outdoors to trim binding, because without dust collection the job got really messy. That’s all changed now: Dan's homemade dust collection system is a simple plastic storage bucket turned into a downdraft routing table!


Product Instructions

MacRostie Binding Trimmer Instructions

Assembly and operation instructions for the MacRostie Binding Trimmer.

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This works !

(Customer's Reviews)

I put off buying this tool for a long time. Penny wise & pound foolish. The trimmer has been used on several restorations and has proven itself a money maker. The binding on this 1912 Knutsen harp guitar was an odd size the trimmer made making repro stuff a breeeze. I got the whole kit so I don't have to change the router and have it ready to go. Love it.
Alex Gray goat peak Strings


Excellent!!! BIG time saver!

(Customer's Reviews)

OK, to admit that it was the price that put me off. But, I was also tired of spending so much time shaving down by hand these bindings ! Finally choked up the money and bought the complete set. It was the BEST money I ever spent! What took me once hours to do, now takes me LESS than ONE minute! Time = MONEY! Get one of these will NOT be sorry ! Precision made...flawless!


Another great one!

(Customer's Reviews)

Man I love this tool! Used it to redo the border around the fretboard of an ole Greco Neck; now a Greco that was rescued out of the dump and is now a six string CBG by yep you guessed it; Wheat Instruments from down here in the swamps of Odessa Fla.

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