Archtop Bridge Fitting Jig

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Archtop Bridge Fitting Jig

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Archtop Bridge Fitting Jig

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Get a better fit for better sound! This is the easiest way to sand your instrument's arch into the bridge bottom. For guitars and mandolins.

The jig holds the bridge base while the bridge feet are sanded to match the instrument's top curvature.

Proper contact of the bridge feet is critical to the sound of an archtop instrument. Rubbing the bridge base over sandpaper on the arched top of the instrument is a standard technique for matching the bridge and top surfaces. Unfortunately, because it's difficult to hold the bridge by hand and keep it correctly aligned, the bridge feet are usually sanded unevenly into an ill-fitting contour. The instrument loses tone.

Our aluminum jig attaches to the bridge base with the bridge's own thumbweels. Lock the height of the jig roller for the desired bridge angle and move the assembly over the sandpaper. The 3-point contact assures you the bridge feet will be correctly contoured. No more lost tone!


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Fitting an archtop bridge, easily and accurately

Did you ever try to fit a bridge to an archtop guitar or mandolin? (Or a violin?) This week Dan Erlewine shows how it's done with sandpaper and a bridge-fitting jig.


Product Instructions

Bridge fitting for archtops

How to fit, sand, and install bridges on archtop guitars and mandolins.

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Works Great


Verified Buyer

Used this to fit a new bridge on an old archtop guitar - worked great - much better than by hand...


Good, but not perfect.


Verified Buyer

This tool is not a bad idea: the problem is that the guitar's top curvature is different when the strings are installed. So you will obtain a good (but not perfect...) bridge-top coupling.

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