StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold Dreadnought


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StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold Triple-O


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Holds the guitar body in shape through the building process.

Our shop foreman Todd Sams, who also builds great bluegrass guitars, wowed us with these innovative molds. They're made of strong non-warping 2"-thick MDF, and their fast, easy setup makes them a pleasure to use. Pivoting threaded thumbscrews tuck into the grooved ends of each mold for closure—there's no external hardware to get in the way of your assembly clamps.

Inside the mold, thumbscrew-adjustable threaded spreader rods with contoured hardwood cauls align the guitar waist, neck block and tailblock. The waist blocks are notched for side strip clearance.

As you build a guitar, this mold holds the body securely in shape and squared up through much of the process: gluing the neck block and tailblock, clamping the linings, sanding the kerfed edges, and installing the top and back. The body stays correctly aligned, no guesswork. When you're finished, simply remove the internal spreaders through the soundhole.

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StewMac Acoustic Guitar Body Mold

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