Radius Dishes for Bracing Acoustic Guitars

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15-foot radius for Martin backs

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20-foot radius for modern guitar backs

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28-foot radius for modern guitar soundboards

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40-foot radius for Martin soundboards

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Radius Dishes for Bracing Acoustic Guitars

About This Item

Maintain accurate soundboard and back curvature when clamping or sanding. Hold guitar braces, soundboards and backs securely for gluing with the Go-bar Clamping System.

This concave dish can be used without the go-bar deck for sanding braces. We recommend the large Sanding Disc.

They're precisely CNC-machined from rigid fiberboard for years of use. Dimensions are 23" x 20" x 1" (584mm x 508mm x 25mm)

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Go-bar decks: fast, flexible gluing

This week, Dan Erlewine asks Todd Sams to show how a go-bar deck in his home shop turned two hours of work into twenty minutes!


Product Instructions

Go-bar Clamping Deck

Assembly instructions for the Go-bar Clamping Deck.

Self-adhesive Sanding Disc

Instructions for using a Self-adhesive Sanding Disc with a Concave Radius Dish.

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to be perfected

(Customer's Reviews)

Radius disks are very well done but the radius choice available is poor, expecially if you are also a classical guitar builder. Adding 10' and 12' radius for backs and 18' and 24' radius for tops would really help. Also the sandpaper disk has a very rough grit: it works fast but it is way too rough. One needs something to finish the work. a #80 or even #100 grit would help doing a cleaner work


radius dish

(Customer's Reviews)

I purchased a 20ft and a 28ft radius dish from Stewmac - a great product that takes away a lot of the guess work, and an item that is impossible to buy in the UK. I wish Stewmac had a UK branch.

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