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Made of rugged flexible fiberglass. Buy additional go-bars to go with the Go-bar Clamping System, or use them in your own setup.

The go-bar clamping technique is simple and fast, with more uniform clamping pressure.

Sold individually.

24" x 1/2" x 5/32"
(610mm x 13mm x 4mm)

Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Go-bar decks: fast, flexible gluing

This week, Dan Erlewine asks Todd Sams to show how a go-bar deck in his home shop turned two hours of work into twenty minutes!


Product Instructions

Go-bar Clamping Deck

Assembly instructions for the Go-bar Clamping Deck.

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Buy more than you think you will need

(Customer's Reviews)

I purchased a couple of orders of this product over the years. I keep finding more items I can use the go-bar desk for. I have ended up with a total of 40 go bars.. (so far) and I think that is about right.
When using, make sure you use a wood caul or you will end up denting your wood with these as they can provide quite a bit of force. If the ends are too sharp just lap off the corners, in fact, this last order had all of the ends nicely dressed off. Also, you might want buff the bars with some 600 - 800 grit sandpaper as some of them can have small fiberglass threads exposed which may end up in the palm of your hand ( ouch) .


Does the good job

(Customer's Reviews)

As an edit from my previous review, they do the job nicely (just have to learn how to use them :-)). Tips have to be protected from the wood with wooden cauls. They are really strong and the gobar deck assembly has to be nicely set up!


Too stiff

(Customer's Reviews)

They are really too stiff… almost impossible to bend them… and the tip is not protected by any rubber cap, very aggressive for the wood. First time I have problems with Stewmac stuff

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