Saddle Slot Levelers

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Saddle Slot Levelers For 1/8" bridge slot

For 1/8" bridge slot

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Saddle Slot Levelers For 3/32" bridge slot

For 3/32" bridge slot

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Saddle Slot Levelers

About This Item

Make a perfectly flat saddle slot for optimum acoustic sound.
Clean and flatten the bottom of a bridge slot with these double-sided files.

Uniform saddle contact with the bottom of the bridge slot will maximize tone and volume. This is critical for undersaddle pickup response!

Two cutting edges: Each steel file has coarse and fine-cut teeth on the long flat edges. Smooth sides and rounded ends won't damage the walls of the slot.

For 1/8" or 3/32" to fit into standard acoustic guitar bridge saddle slots.
The 1/8" file is handy for Fender nut slots, too.

Length: 1-15/16" (50mm)
Height: 13/16" (20mm)


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Perfect fit, appropriately slow cutting

(Customer's Reviews)

I used the 1/8" version to flatten a saddle slot that had been slightly unflattened (with a bit of sandpaper) in an attempt to even the response of an undersaddle pickup. It fit the slot perfectly. It cuts rather slowly (even the coarse side), but that's probably a good thing if you are making a minor adjustment as I was. It cut right to the edge of the slot without widening it. It's an effective tool for this.


Great for Fender nut slots

(Customer's Reviews)

These are great for 1/8" Fender nut slots. The "nut slot file" StewMac sells with a handle on it is way, way too narrow, even cattycornering it across the slot it's hard to get it flat. This one is the right size.


Real Time Saver!

(Customer's Reviews)

Instead of sticky sandpaper on custom shaped bits of bone saddles or lining up a router jig, these Saddle Slot Levelers provide a fast and easy way to level an out-of-true saddle slot or to clean the glue from a through-saddle slot. Great quality steel and real sharp and square cutting surfaces allow very precise work -- a must-have for saddle work.

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