Nut Seating Files

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Nut Seating Files For 1/8" wide nut

For 1/8" wide nut

Item # 5055
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Nut Seating Files For 3/16" wide nut

For 3/16" wide nut

Item # 5056
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Nut Seating Files For 1/4" wide nut

For 1/4" wide nut

Item # 5057
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Nut Seating Files, Set of 3

Set of 3

Item # 5060
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Nut Seating Files

About This Item

Sturdy files for cleaning and squaring nut mounting surfaces.

Two cutting edges: Each file has a medium and fine cutting surfaces. They file only the bottom of the slot, leaving the side walls unscarred.

Quality steel tool with rubber-coated handle.
Each file is 7-3/8" (187mm) long, with 4" (101mm) cutting surface.

To keep the file from binding in the slot, we have designed these files to be slightly narrower than the nut size specified. An undersized file also helps to prevent widening the slot width—ensuring a snug fit for your nut.

#5055 For 1/8" (3.18mm) wide nut
Works for Fender® guitars and basses.

#5056 For 3/16" (4.76mm) wide nut
Works for Gibson® guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins.

#5057 For 1/4" (6.35mm) wide nut
Works for classical and Dobro® guitars.


Product Instructions

Making a Nut, Step-by-Step

Dan Erlewine, of Stewart-MacDonald's R&D Team, walks you through making and installing a new nut.

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Excellent tool


Verified Buyer

I bought this for the advertised purpose- But I have found myself using it for so much more.
1- Flattening Nut slots- glue/wood cleaning.
2- Fine tuning the X brace notches so they fit perfect.
3- Leveling out any binding channel transitions that are not perfect (like for arm bevels)
4- Inlay/shell touch ups.

I recommend this tool, although the 1/4" file being $41 is getting a bit cheeky.




Verified Buyer

So look if you think that these files will cut you a perfect slot to snug fit standard width nuts into think again. They are all to narrow. Yes you can create a flat bottom to your slot but the width will not be correct and you either end up sanding the nut to fit to hacking the side walls to make the slot wide enough. My Advice is buy a router bit and use that instead, gives a flat bottom and correct width.

Response from StewMac

These files are purposely thin so you won't mar the sides of the slot. They are also designed for smoothing the bottom of the slot and not cutting a nut slot. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us and we would be happy to offer you a refund. - Spencer, Customer Support


Nut seating file


Verified Buyer

Very quick delivery to the Uk.

A high quality very useful tool.


Everyone should own one


Verified Buyer

My money was well spent. I tried cleaning a nut slot without one and did a fair job using a small flat file. However I did nick and the side wall a few times and that just wont do the second time around. Now that I have my nut seating file, I will never have to worry about losing wood on my side walls again!


Great File


Verified Buyer

I needed this file to almost double the depth of the nut seat in a Fender Strat neck. I worked perfectly.


High quality tool, but too slim.


Verified Buyer

The 3/14" seating file works perfectly with Norlin-era Gibsons, as they have slimmer nuts than their modern guitars. For use on recently-made models, it's a bit narrow.


Nice file


Verified Buyer

Good quality file with comfortable grip, a specific file for a specific job, nice precision quality item.


excellent tool


Verified Buyer

I'm building my first fender style instrument (a precision bass) and needed this file to insure the base of the nut slot is flat. Works fine.


Too narrow


Verified Buyer

I got the 1/8" file to level Fender nut slots and its much too narrow. You have to move the file from side-to-side and at an angle across the slot to get a level slot. I could understand making it slightly undersized so it doesn't bind, but its too undersized.


Too narrow!


Verified Buyer

I got the 3/16 file, expecting to be able to cut a nice 3/16 slot for a 3/16 wide nut, and found that the file is a full 1mm too narrow. That's a lot. I didn't really want to get the file from stew Mac to begin with, because they overcharge for simple tools so much.
The description says they are "slightly" narrower to avoid binding, but making it 20% narrower is ridiculous. Not happy. I don't really want to sand off a full 1mm from the nut width, nor should I have to. For this price I expected a precision tool.

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