Needle Files, Set of 5

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Needle Files, Set of 5

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Needle Files, Set of 5

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Set of 5 all-purpose micro files for trimming, shaping, slotting and cleaning metal, plastic or wood.

Includes round, flat, square, half-round and triangle files, in 5-1/2" length with 2-1/2" cutting surfaces.

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Worked FAST and with perfect precision!

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Bought a set of these to file grooves in new saddles on a tune-o-matic bridge. I followed Dan's advice and tapped the strings into the unslotted saddles with a plastic mallet to make initial mark of where to file. Unfortunately, I initially "cheaped out" and bought a set of needle files from a discount tool store. After frustrating myself for 15 minutes with the cheapos, I ordered this set of files. Saying that the difference was "night and day" would be an understatement; these are the BEST needle files I have ever held in my hand.

What sold me on these was the close-up picture that showed how the file surface went onto the edges as well. I think one pass with the triangle file would have been good enough to make a nice notch, but the quality is so great that I spent a little more time and really finessed a beautiful notch instead. This was money WELL SPENT. If you are planning on slotting your own tune-o-matic, don't even bother starting unless you have a set of these on hand. And the best part? You can use them for plenty of other filing tasks as well!

Bottom Line: after making my initial "ding" on the unslotted saddle, these files went right in, stayed in and made a laser-perfect groove into the metal. If you think you'll EVER need to precision file something on your guitar at ANY point in your life, buy a set of these now. You won't regret it.



(Customer's Reviews)

I am a guitarist who bought the needle file, set of 5, after I realized I had collected a number of guitars which were in need of new nuts--I needed to do set-ups to accommodate different string gauges, as well as replacing cheapo plastic crap. The local guitar guys I was taking my guitars to didn't seem to pay much attention to the nuts, and I'm on a budget and can't afford inadequate work. So, these files are just right, good quality at a good price. Paid for themselves right off. Thanks! P


Great for precise work

(Customer's Reviews)

I used mine to file a dovetail on a steel gun barrel; worked great.

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