Fisch Forstner Bit for Neck Ferrules

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Fisch Forstner Bit for Neck Ferrules 5/8" Bit

5/8" Bit

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Fisch Forstner Bit for Neck Ferrules 15mm Bit

15mm Bit

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Fisch Forstner Bit for Neck Ferrules

About This Item

Drill flat-bottom holes with smooth, clean edges. Ideal for flush-fit neck attachment ferrule installation (after all, there's no neck plate to hide ragged holes).

Choose your bit based on your finish.

5/8" bit (#4496) will create a slightly bigger hole than our Neck Attachment Ferrules, to accommodate finish overspray build-up in the drilled holes. Patented "Wave Cutter" flutes generate less heat, for longer life and efficient wood chip discharge.

15mm bit (#4497) cuts a smaller hole for a tighter fit — best for oil finishes or thin, vintage-style finishes where build-up is not a factor.

Both bits are forged steel with 8mm (5/16") shank.

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too big

(Customer's Reviews)

This bit is too big for the ferrules it leaves close to a 1/4 inch space all the way around the ferrules. Its also way over priced. Should be 10- 15 dollars.

Response from StewMac

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We stand behind our return policy -- if you are not satisfied you may return it, unaltered, for a refund or exchange. Please call us at 1-800-848-2273.

The intended use of the 5/8" bit is to drill oversize hole to allow for finish overspray in the recess. If you plan to fit the ferrule with no finish in the hole, we recommend the 15mm bit. We hope this helps!

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