Fisch Counterbore Bit for Neck Ferrules

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Installing a flush-fit neck attachment ferrule is no time to rely on a cheap megastore bit! Fisch's professional "Wave Cutter" Forstner bit drills clean, chip-free holes.

Installing neck attachment ferrules in a contoured body demands clean, chip-free drilling (after all, there's no neck plate to hide ragged holes). The Fisch Forstner bit drills 5/8"-diameter flat-bottom holes with smooth, clean edges for a professional appearance. Patented "Wave Cutter" flutes generate less heat, for longer life and efficient wood chip discharge.

Forged steel with 5/16" (7.94mm) shank.

Note: Our Neck Mounting Ferrules are sized to accommodate finish overspray build-up in the drilled holes.

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Fisch Counterbore Bit for Neck Ferrules

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