Swivel Handle Clamp

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Swivel Handle Clamp

About This Item

Get better control over your clamping pressure with a right-angle handle. It's easier to make ever-so-slight adjustments, or really crank it down!

Comfort grip handle pivots to the upright position if things get too crowded. Heavy-duty steel construction. Great for repairing peghead breaks, laminating necks, gluing fingerboards, plus a million uses around the shop.

"I've had to shorten the wood handles on several of my Jorgensen and Bessey F-clamps, for clearance on my drill press and milling machine tables. You won't have to do that with these swivel-handle clamps. You can get several clamps as close together as you need, and still tighten them. That's the biggest reason I like them." —Dan Erlewine

Maximum opening    Throat depth   
#3704 Small   7" (177.80mm) 3-1/4" (82.55mm)
#3705 Large   10" (254.00mm) 4-3/4" (120.65mm)

TIP: Did you know you can clamp too tightly? Torque these puppies too much and you'll squeeze all the glue right out. So use your new-found power with care!


Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

Clamping a guitar neck really tight (without damage)

Working on a 1938 Gibson lap steel, Dan Erlewine needs to clamp the neck way more tightly than usual. He comes up with a special jig by modifying a Rock-n-Roller neck rest.

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(Customer's Reviews)

Why wasn't this thought of long ago? Maybe it was, but I didn't notice. Sometimes I have to get into close quarters for clamping and the ability to "bend" the handle is entirely practical. It's usefulness cannot be understated. I bought 4 right off the bat. After using them on one cabinet building project, I can easily see more of these in my shop! You can never have too many clamps...


Swivel Handle Clamp

(Customer's Reviews)

I am remiss for I have had these for quite some time. For years my favorite slide bar clamp was a pair of 5" RICHA marked clamps found at a Flea Market.Just the right general length and weight. Now they have an equal ! The small ones are great also and I plan to add more of each soon. Thanks Stewart-MacDonald always good product. Michael Stevens


Brilliant quality

(Customer's Reviews)

Without doubt, the best steel clamps I have used. Very fine clamping control.

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